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Angelo’s Italian Eatery – Texas Corners

May 16, 2015

  • Angelo's Italian Eatery - Texas Corners6997 W. Q Avenue
  • Kalamazoo, MI 49009
  • (269) 312-8000
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It’s not often that I get to spend my entire shift in Kalamazoo.  I end up in Kalamazoo a lot, but most of the time, I still have to go to Grand Rapids to pick up equipment and a co-worker.  This time, I had everything I needed already at home and the co-worker just met me.

We spent the day in Portage not too far from Texas Township.  At dinner time, C.W. was very adamant that he was hungry and we needed an actual break.  We still didn’t have time for a meal at a full service, sit-down restaurant, but my goal was to find a place we could have a hearty, delicious meal and actually take a little time to enjoy it.

We weren’t too far away from Texas Corners and as much as I would have loved to have taken him to Texas Corners Brewing, we didn’t have that much time.  Instead, grinders sounded good to me and he had no idea what a grinder was, so I took the opportunity to teach him about delicious sandwiches.

Angelo’s Italian Eatery opened up their third location in the former Asiago Bakery and Deli in the small strip mall on the corner of Q Avenue and 8th Street in Texas Township.  They didn’t really change anything when they moved in.  The layout is the same and like their Ravine Road location, they have an ice cream counter for a sweet treat if you have any room left.

The only odd thing about the space was they didn’t have a menu above the counter.  I didn’t need one.  I’ve eaten at Angelo’s different locations (RavinePortage), so I put in my typical order of a 16″ Pizza Grinder.  Since we were eating in, I also added a Pepsi which brought my total to just under $10.

I handed C.W. a paper menu while I was ordering, so he could look it over.  I walked away from him to get my drink before he ordered, so I don’t even know what he ordered.  All I know is he said it was delicious and he couldn’t believe he had never heard of this place before.

The kitchen broke my sandwich up so they could cook both my co-worker’s and my sandwich at the same time.  When the first baskets of food were brought out, I got half of my sandwich plus a handful of chips and C.W. got all of his 8″ sandwich and chips.  I’m not exactly sure why, but this is the best sandwich I’ve ever eaten at an Angelo’s.  The bread was very crispy around the edges and they put an awfully lot of sweet red sauce.  Add to the fact that I could taste the spiciness of pepperoni in every bite and I ended up with a great sandwich.

As I was finishing up the first half of my sandwich, the second half came out.  I debating just boxing it all up and taking home, but I ate one more 4″ piece then took the last one home for later.

I really enjoy Angelo’s Italian Eatery.  Every time I have stopped at one of the various locations, I have walked away stuffed and satisfied.  I’ve always enjoyed grinders, but I really think Angelo’s stands out way above their competition.

Angelo's Italian Eatery - Texas Corners

Angelo's Italian Eatery

Pizza Grinder w/Potato Chips

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