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Angelo’s Italian Eatery – Ravine

March 26, 2015

I have blogged many, many times about one of my co-workers who loves grinders.  Well, last week, I made a trip back to Kalamazoo with her and we ended up on the north side of town.  I hadn’t planned on stopping for dinner, but I knew we were close to grinders, so I asked if she wanted to stop.  Her face lit up like it was Christmas morning…all over a grinder.

I started heading west on Ravine Road from Douglas to make my way to Angelo’s Italian Eatery.  This location of the three restaurant chain used to be in a gas station at the corner of Ravine and Nichols, but they’ve moved across the street to a much, much larger space with a dining room.

It was getting pretty late in the evening and I didn’t check to make sure they were open, so I was much relieved when we pulled in the parking lot and saw the “OPEN” sign flashing in the window.  C.W. couldn’t wait.  She hopped out of the car and ran inside ready to get her grinder.

The restaurant is a pretty good size and a definite step up from the cramped counter across the street.  It is kind of in the middle of nowhere though in Kalamazoo Township.  It’s not far from “town,” but there’s not a lot of residential nearby.  They looked to be doing pretty well though.  On a Tuesday night, there were several people coming in and out to pick up pizzas as we waited for our sandwiches.

I have eaten at Angelo’s a couple times and their menu is pretty similar to other grinder places, so i didn’t really even have to look at the menu.  I ordered a full pizza grinder to go.  C.W. had a little more difficulty.  She wanted everything on the menu.  I mean that almost literally.  In the end, she got two grinders.  A half pizza and a half Philly cheesesteak. We paid for our meals seperatly, but they were each just a little over ten dollars.  It took about ten minutes for someone to bring out the boxes containing our tasty sandwiches.  We both wanted to eat, but we needed to get back to Grand Rapids.  C.W. was unable t resist and started in on the Philly almost as soon as we got back in the car.  I had to wait, which was fine.  I knew what I was getting in to when we stopped.

The thing I like about Angelo’s over the other big grinder places is the size of the sandwiches.  Pure inch wise, they are about the same, but Angelo’s doesn’t smash the bread down as much and they pile on just a few more toppings.  Even the pizza grinder, which is just pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni, has more weight to it than when I get the same sandwich at another place.  My co-worker’s Philly was huge.  She actually ate on that one for two days opting to eat the pizza grinder when we got back to work.

I’ve never had a bad meal at Angelo’s and I don’t know if it’s possible for me to.  I’ve always been a huge fan of the grinder sandwich..which I’ve written about so many times.  None of the three Angelo’s locations are really that convenient for me, but it is the type of place that I crave from time to time, so going out of my way for a delicious sandwich is not that unheard of.

Pizza Grinder

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