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The Tamale Guy and Co.

February 14, 2015

In my previous blog post, I promised you another blog post about food.  Boatyard Brewing Company on Kalamazoo’s Northside doesn’t have it’s own kitchen, but they take advantage of food trucks and catering companies looking for space.  It’s an arrangement that works well for both parties.  Boatyard has some tasty food to go along with their tasty beer and this small food vendors have a space to do what they do.

I woke up last Friday morning and checked my Instagram account like I normally do as part of my morning routine.  I noticed BBC advertising that The Tamale Guy was going to be doing lunch at their place.  When J got home from work, I showed her the menu for the day and asked if she wanted to go grab a couple sandwiches and some delicious beer.

The Tamale Guy and Co. is actually a caterer you can find quite often at Boatyard Brewing.  Their set-up is pretty small.  They have a couple of tables near the entrance to the brew-pub with their ingredients and a panini press.  They typically have four sandwiches, a couple tacos, chips & salsa, a quesadilla, and one or two specials…oh yeah, and tamales.

The first thing we did when walking in to Boatyard was stop by The Tamale Guy’s table and order food.  J and I each ordered a sandwich and we got L a quesadilla….although L and J ended up trading because Mommy’s looked better to L and J didn’t really care either way.

It took about five minutes or so for our three meals to be grilled up.  The cost was $18 and they accept credit via an iPhone app, so I didn’t have to worry about cash.

J and L found a table near The Tamale Guy’s stand while I went to the bar to pick up a few drinks.  By the time I came back with drinks, we only had to sit a few minutes until our food was brought out to us.

I had ordered the sandwich known as El Jamon.  This sandwich starts with sourdough bread that is then stuffed with ham, Swiss cheese, LT’s Angry Mustard, mayo, artisan lettuce, tomato, and red onion.  I, of course, left off the mayo.  There was a lot more ham on this sandwich than I expected there to be.  It was piled on pretty thick with the Swiss cheese and lettuce.  The mustard was a little bit of a spicy mustard, but not something that was super overpowering.  I love deli mustard on sandwiches and that’s what this kind of tasted like.  It’s a little bit spicy and little more vinegar-y than a typical yellow mustard.  The sandwich came with chips which was just enough to make this a filling meal.

J had ordered the El Queso for herself, but L was much more interested in that one so they traded.  The El Queso is a fancy (read: Spanish) name for a grilled cheese.  Again, this sandwich starts with sourdough bread.  Between those slices of bread is cheddar cheese and a tomato.  We only got a half sandwich which turned out to be just right for L.  She was much more interested in the chips that came with the sandwich, so we sort of had to fight with her to eat the sandwich.  When she ended up only take a couple bites, J and I split the half in half and each took a half.

What we originally ordered for L was the The Killa-Dilla.  We sort of misread the menu board thinking that we were just ordering a cheese quesadilla, but it was a little more than just a cheese quesadilla.  It also came with a black bean and corn salsa and tomatoes.  J happily took The Killa-Dilla when L seemed more insterested in the El Queso.  She said the quesadilla was delicious

I can’t tell you how happy I am we made the decision to visit Boatyard Brewing for lunch.  We’ve been wanting to check the place out anyway and The Tamale Guy serving up their delicious food made the trip just that much better.

The Tamale Guy & Co.

The Tamale Guy & Co.

El Jamon

The Tamale Guy & Co

El Queso

The Tamale Guy & Co.

The Killa-Dilla

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