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Boatyard Brewing Company

February 9, 2015

I hate that it’s taken me so long to write this review.  I don’t mean that I’ve been sitting on it for a while.  I mean it has taken me a really, really long time to get to this brewery.  I hate that.

Boatyard Brewing Company has been active on social media promoting their growing business for a couple of years.  They just opened their taproom on Paterson Street just to the west of Riverview Drive and the Kalamazoo River last summer.  In the nine months since then, I have been telling myself,  “I’m gonna go tomorrow night.  I’m gonna go tomorrow night.”  Yeah, that never happened.  I always made some excuse (usually it’s I’m too tired) and kept putting it off.

The thing that really kept J and I away is that they don’t have a kitchen.  We don’t mind taking L to breweries or bars as long as their is food.  When there’s no food, it just feels weird having a toddler in a bar, so we’ve never even discussed going for a drink.

They don’t have their own kitchen, but they do have several food trucks that will occasionally serve lunch or dinner.   It was finally one of those options that finally got us in to Boatyard Brewing for lunch.

The building that houses the brewing is the old Standard Oil Fuel Depot.  The very industrialized building is the perfect setting for a craft brewer.  They kept a lot of the existing features from the floors, walls, and ceilings, then added a large bar and some tables in what has become the taproom.

The first thing we did is hit up The Tamale Guy and Co. for food…but I’ll blog about that in a separate post.  This one is just focusing on the brewery since that’s what Boatyard Brewing really is.

Once I placed the food order at the make-shift kitchen near the door, J and L found a table while I headed to the bar for drinks.  I immediately selected the Scuttlebutt IPA and damn, did I make a good choice.  You really better like hoppy beers if you pick this one.  It’s a combination of a British and American IPA and it’s dry hopped with Citra hops which give it that really great citrus-y, pine-y hop flavor.  As I sit here four days later writing, my mouth is starting to water.  I really should go back and get a growler.   Yeah….it was that good. 

J had asked for the Frosted Harbor Dark Raspberry, but I didn’t see it on tap.  There was really nothing else she would like, so I ordered her a Root Beer instead.  As the bartender was getting a root beer, I noticed they had the Frosted Harbor in 22 oz. bottles.  That’s more than J would drink in one sitting, but I could help her finish it, so I ordered one of them as well.  Since the root beer was already poured, I wasn’t going to tell him I didn’t want it.  It wasn’t going to go to waste, so I I took all three drinks.

The root beer was incredibly delicious and J wouldn’t have been mad if I hadn’t noticed the Frosted Harbor in bottles.  We passed the Mason jar of root beer back and forth so we could each get a taste.  I think J ended up drinking more of it than I did though.

After fighting over the root beer, I poured the open, chilled bottle of Frosted Harbor in to a glass for J.  The beer, even though it’s a wheat, pours pretty dark….which is probably why they added the word “dark” to the name.  The beer is not overpoweringly sweet which we both liked.  Some fruit beers can be so sweet they end up tasting a little more like wine than beer, but this one had just enough sweetness for J, but not too much for me.

The beers cost us a little over $14 which J’s obviously being more expensive due to it being in a 22 oz. bottle.  Man, am I so happy we finally went to Boatyard, but now I need to go back and stop using the excuse of them not having a kitchen to not go there.  They get enough food in by the way of food trucks and it’s really hard not to like them if you follow on any of their social media accounts.  It’s the brewery you want to like and they make it really easy with great tasting beer.

Boatyard Brewing Company

Boatyard Brewing Company

Scuttlebutt IPA

Boatyard Brewing Company

Root Beer

Boatyard Brewing Company

Frosted Harbor Dark Raspberry Wheat

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