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Twisted Tail

September 22, 2013

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More food trucks rolling in to Kalamazoo.  There’s no way that can be a bad thing.  The funny thing about this one is that it’s home base is Battle Creek which is in the midst of fighting over food trucks at the City Commission level.   I’ll just go ahead and stay out that conversation…because, you know…Battle Creek is like the first city that has tried to do this or something.

Anyway, yesterday I saw a tweet from Arcadia Ales announcing their new food truck would be at the Kalamazoo Farmers’ Market this weekend.  I pointed it out to J and she made sure to wake me up so we could get to the Farmers’ Market before all the good food was gone.

The Twisted Tail made it’s debut at the Farmers’ Market this weekend.  The trailer from Arcadia Ales specializes in “smoked meats, handcrafted sausages, and farm fresh meats in distinctive BBQ flavors.”  J and I both took that to mean BBQ and we love Arcadia’s BBQ, so we couldn’t get to Bank Street fast enough.

We found the truck parked right out in front of the Market on Bank Street.  We walked around to the front and were a little taken aback by the menu.  It’s not the kind of BBQ we were expecting.  It’s not really BBQ at all.  There were three items on the menu which was written on the side of the truck.  We kind of looked at each other for a minute seeing if there was something each of us wanted to try.  After a few seconds we decided to give it a go and never looked back.  

J went with the Asian Pork Tacos.  The plate was two small flour tortillas filled with pork, an Asian slaw, and a sesame ginger sauce.  We went looking for BBQ, but J was amazed when she bit in to these tacos.  It only took one before she declared them incredible and she mentioned several times over the next several hours how much she liked them.  I took a bite, but I’m not a huge fan of Asian flavors.  It was delicious, but not something I would order for myself.

J assumed I would order the Duck Duck Hash which I really was leaning towards, but I went with the Carlson Farms Chicken and Turoc Pork Belly Sausage Sliders.   Sausage patty sliders sound pretty run of the mill, but these were not that.   The fresh sausage had a great grilled crust, but were soft and juicy on the inside.  Each of the sliders was topped with fresh lettuce and ketchup and served on soft slider rolls.  Two was just not enough.  I wanted to go back for more and next time I probably will.

The two meals cost us nine dollars and was worth every penny.  The Twisted Tail was not quite what we were expecting when we headed downtown, but we were treated to a great surprise.  We’ve always loved Arcadia Ales and The Twisted Tail is no different.

Twisted Tail

Twisted Tail

Asian Pork Tacos

Twisted Tail

Carlson Farm Chicken and Turoc Pork Belly Sliders

Twisted Tail on Urbanspoon

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