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Boston Square Fried Chicken

September 22, 2013

  • Boston Square Fried Chicken1559 Kalamazoo Avenue SE
  • Grand Rapids, MI 49507
  • (616) 248-0285
  • No Known Website
  • Menu

I always like finding new chicken places, so when I saw a place go in to an abandoned building a few months ago in Grand Rapids’ Boston Square, I knew I’d be back someday.

It took me longer than I wanted to to finally get there, but Boston Square Fried Chicken sits on the weird corner of Kalamazoo Avenue and Boston Street.  The building sits back off the road a little bit, but there’s no parking in front.  There appeared to be a lot in the back, but I just pulled up next to the curb on Boston Street which is the closest place I could see to the front.

The small restaurant is mostly kitchen.  There are two tables that each have a booth type seat next to them, but I would venture to guess almost all of the business is done via carry out.

I went to the cash register and the lone employee came up from around the fryer to take my order.  He had the radio up pretty loud, so he had a hard time hearing my order for #2 on the menu.

The meal consisted of five pieces of fried chicken, fries, and a Pepsi.  The cost was just a little under eight bucks and the cook told me it would be about ten minutes.  It didn’t take nearly that long.  It was less than five minutes before I was handed a plastic bag with deep fried chicken.  

I headed back to work and popped the Styrofoam container open and found a pretty full box.  I started with the fries which were steak fries.  There was a pretty healthy portion size, but I had to go find a little salt to put on them.  Other than that, they were were pretty good fries and very filling.

The five pieces of chicken consisted of two small breasts, a wing, a thigh, and a leg.  The chicken had a very crispy coating which was really good.  The chicken itself was a little dry though.  It was still good..mostly due to the crispy skin.  Had the meat been a little more juicy, this would have been really good chicken.

Boston Square Fried Chicken is not a bad option when it comes to local chicken joints.  The prices are pretty good and for a little under eight bucks, I got a really filling meal.  The chicken was just a little off, but nothing I couldn’t live with.

Boston Square Fried Chicken

Boston Square Fried Chicken

#2 – Five Piece Fried Chicken and Fries

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