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Bengston’s Pumpkin Farm

October 23, 2012

  • 13341 W. 151st Street
  • Homer Glen, IL 60491
  • (708) 301-3276
  • Website

After lunch at Rock Bottom Brewery, the family loaded up in two cars to make the short 10 mile trip to our destination of the day.  Bengston’s Pumpkin Farm.

We sort of went back and forth on where to go.  The original plan was Bengston’s, but then my brother brought up County Line Orchard in Hobart, IN.  I was on board with that except for the fact it was a further drive for us.  L hasn’t been traveling really well lately and I wanted to go someplace that was a little closer to where we were staying.

The drive from the restaurant to the farm should have only been about fifteen minutes….should have been.  You see, a 70 degree day brought out what seemed like all of Chicago to Bengston’s.

We hit some pretty bad traffic about half a mile from the farm.  Cars were blocking the intersection.  It was a nightmare.  By that point, we were committed to Bengston’s and L was already getting a little cranky.  It took us about a half hour to go four tenths of a mile to the corn field that was doubling as overflow parking.

That still put us a pretty good walk from the entrance to the farm.  We got L ready to go with a quick diaper change then got her in to J’s Boba Carrier.  My brother took his girls and walked ahead of us because both of them needed to use the potty.  That ended up working out for us.  Even the freakin line just to get in to the gate was going to take twenty minutes.  As we were walking by, my brother reached out and stopped us so we could get in line with them.  My parents, for whatever reason, bought their tickets online but didn’t tell us to…they got to skate right by the entire line and waited for us while we patiently waited to get in.

It still took about fifteen minutes for us to get in.  They had several lanes open, but it seemed like it took five minutes to get one family through.  When we got up to a cash register, I handed over my one dollar off coupon and $21 for J and I to get in.  L was still little enough that she didn’t cost us anything.

First order of business was something to drink.  After a long walk and a long wait to get in while carrying L, J was thirsty.  We got in line for one of the cash only kiosks, but again, fifteen minute wait…just for a bottle of water.  We didn’t even mess with any of the other food until it was time to go when we found a Cotton Candy stand that, amazingly, had no line.

Bengston’s has a helluva lot of things for the kids other than just picking up a pumpkin.  My brother took his girls over to the Petting Zoo. J and I took L to one of the many piles of pumpkins for a little photo shoot.  We knew there wasn’t a lot for her to do, but we thought it would be fun to put L in a pile of pumpkins to see how she would react.  We got some real cute pictures, but then she kind of freaked out..which actually made for some even cuter pics.  There were soooo many people that it was actually  hard to do what we were hoping to do, but we did our best.  We actually had a little bit of an easier time at a different pile of pumpkins deeper in the farm.

After we got as good as we were going to get with the pumpkins, all nine of us headed to the hay rack ride.  When J was growing up, they apparently took the rides out to the fields to pick pumpkins.  Now, they just sort of go around in a circle, fire off a pumpkin from the Punkin’ Chukin’ cannon, then made a quick stop at the kids area before heading back.

After that, I think we all sort of just gave up.  I think it would be a conservative estimate if there were 10,000 people there.  It was so hard to do anything and everyone was getting a little cranky.  Before we left, mom wanted to get an elephant ear and my brother’s girls wanted kettle corn.  We completed these tasks then called it a day.  Spending almost two hours at the farm and really not accomplishing much of anything.  We didn’t even buy a pumpkin.

Bengston’s is a really cool attraction, but to be honest, our visit was miserable.  There were just too many people.  We would have liked to have went down the slide or watched the pig races, but it just was too much of a hassle.  We were really hoping for a memorable day with the extended family, but I think everyone walked away wishing we had picked the other place.   It was nothing that Bengston’s did that turned us off to the place….they’re just too successful….

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