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Rock Bottom Brewery – Orland Park, IL

October 22, 2012

  • 16156 S. La Grange Road
  • Orland Park, IL 60467
  • (708) 226-0021
  • Website
  • Menu

J and I are spending another extended weekend back home in the Chicago area.  My birthday is Tuesday and this year, J got me tickets for the Bears vs. Lions Monday Night game at Soldier Field.

Like anytime we go home, we do our best to see both sets of Grandparents.  Since we were staying with J’s parents on the south side of Chicago, my parents asked if we wanted to meet at a pumpkin patch somewhere.

The first suggestion was Bengton’s Pumpkin Farm in Homer Glen.  That sounded good to us.  It was about a half hour from J’s parents and it’s a place that J went to as a kid and has fond memories of.

First order of business, as it always is, lunch.  I compiled a list of restaurants in chain heavy Orland Park.  To my surprise, everyone picked the brewery.

Rock Bottom Brewery is a which originated in Denver.  The story goes they were supposed to chain Walnut Brewery, but because their location was on the bottom floor of the Prudential Building, the name was changed to Rock Bottom.  The chain is part of the CraftWorks Restaurant and Breweries family which also owns Old Chicago.

My brother and I ate at the downtown Chicago location several years ago.  He remembered really liking the place so that’s why he was on board.  The rest of my family just thought it looked good and would be a good place with three kids.  Me?  I wanted beer. 

We walked in to the Orland Park location, which is on La Grange Road south of 159th Street, just before noon on Sunday.  There were a few other tables, but not a lot.  We told the hostess of our large party and she went to set up a table on the empty side of the restuarant near the kitchen.  A few minutes later, she came back to grab menus and show to our seats.

I didn’t see the beer menu before our waitress got there, so I stuck to one of the always on tap house brews.  I really wanted the IPA, but the waitress told me they were out.  Had I seen the special brew list, I would have chosen one of those.  Instead, I ordered the Red Ale.  The cool thing about Sunday is that you get half off refills and when you leave, you actually get a Rock Bottom branded pint glass to take home with you.  I let my dad take the glass and I only drank one beer.  Too bad because they had some other delicious looking beer…I just didn’t have the time to try any others.

The rest of my family stuck to either pop, chocolate milk or water.  They had Pepsi products on tap, but my dad still stuck with water.

They menu is full of delicious looking pub sandwiches, pizzas, salads, and a host of entrees ranging from a Gourmet Mac & Cheese to steaks.

Most of the table chose burgers in some fashion.  My choice was the 2:00 AM burger.  The very juicy, still pink burger patty was topped with a fried egg, bacon, American cheese, and a hash brown. I was really expecting shredded has browns on this, but it was actually served with a very thick, square hash brown.  I actually pulled it off.  A little too much potato for me.  The burger, without the hash brown was pretty awesome.  The meat was perfectly cooked and the egg had just a slightly runny yolk.  The sandwich came with fries which didn’t last long on my plate.

Both my dad and sister-in-law ordered the Smokehouse BBQ.  This burger comes with cheddar cheese, bacon, and Rock Bottom’s signature BBQ sauce.  They both liked the burger, but said there was very little, if any, BBQ sauce.  My dad didn’t taste it at all and the only reason my sister-in-law noticed it was because she looked under the bun to see if it was there.

My brother, even though he couldn’t pronounce it, ordered the Bourbonzola.  The burger is glazed with a Woodfire Reserve Bourbon Glaze, Gorgonzola cheese and onion straws.  I accidentally turned my brother on to bleu cheese burgers after I got accidentally turned on to them and Gorgonzola is close enough to bleu cheese.  He really liked this burger.

My mom ordered the Brewer’s Club sandwich.  This sandwich was piled high with roasted turkey, ham, hickory smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce, and Chipotle mayo.

J’s selection was the Pulled BBQ Pork.  The sandwich was tender pulled pork with the Signature BBQ sauce and house made apple coleslaw.  She shared a little bit with me and a little bit with L.  All three of us seemed to like it.

For L, we ordered some steamed veggies.  The small plate of veggies was tender broccoli.  Like almost everything we put in front of her, she happily gobbled it up.

For my two nieces, we ordered a plate of Mac & Cheese for them to share.  The kitchen split it for them so they each had their own plate.  The mac & cheese came with fries and fruit.  I stole a little bit of youngest niece’s mac & cheese for both myself and L.  I thought it was pretty good for a  kids meal.

Our bill was around $75 before the %18 gratuity was included.  Luckily, for us, my dad thought about the automatic gratuity.  It never crossed anyone else’s mind and my mom was ready to leave a pretty big tip.  Would have been great for the waitress, but it saved us a little money for the pumpkin patch.

We all seemed to really enjoy Rock Bottom.  As a beer drinker, I would like to have been able to try a few more, but this trip was really about lunch with the family.

Rock Bottom Red Ale

2:00 AM Burger w/French Fries

Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery on Urbanspoon

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