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Bavarian Inn Lodge

October 5, 2012

  • 1 Covered Bridge Lane
  • Frankenmuth, MI 48734
  • (989) 652-7200
  • Website

Pre-baby days, J and I probably would have made Frankenmuth a day trip, but five hours in the car is just too much for L.  She did really, really good on both the trip to Frankenmuth and the trip home, but had we tried to do it all in one day, I don’t think it would have went as smooth.

I didn’t really do a whole lot of research or price comparisons for Frankenmuth hotels.  I decided if we were going to make the trip, we were going all in on the Bavarian experience.

I went right to the Bavarian Inn website and started looking at prices for a hotel room.  After a little browsing, I saw a link for “Weekday Specials”  I clicked on it and the night we were going to stay happened to be one of those nights.

The Bavarian Inn Lodge is on Covered Bridge Lane in downtown Frankenmuth on the banks of the Cass River.  The “front” of the building turned out to be right across the street from where we parked to walk around downtown, but I didn’t realize that.  Instead, I got in the car and drove back around to Weiss Street thinking that was the front of the building.

I went in the “Tower Entrance” and followed the signs all the way back to where we just were to the main lobby.  Check-in time is 3:00 and we were pulling in probably at ten after.  There was a little bit of a line as there were several other people who were doing the same thing I was. 

The deal I found online got us a room with two double beds with a parking lot view and a free gift for $110.  When I checked in, I was handed the free gift which was a set of coasters that we could take to a shop downtown to get personalized…we forgot about that until we got home and pulled the coasters out of the bag.

The check-in process was a little more involved than the chain hotels we usually stay out.  They went over a few more rules and asked if we knew about the dogs.  Turns out, we were staying in the hotel with a bunch of dogs…there was some kind of big show going on.  They were all in another wing and we only heard a few barks throughout the stay.

Before walking away, I was also handed three yellow wristbands for the pools, a coupon for the Bavarian Inn, and a gift certificate for 30%-50% off a stay early next year when the Indoor Water Park opens.

After heading back to get J, L, and all of our stuff, we headed up the elevators to our second floor “parking lot view” room.  The other option is the “river view” which I guess is nice, but not enough that I would pay extra for it.  We barely looked out the sliding glass door that leads to a small, shared balcony anyway.

The room was nice.  Like everything at the Bavarian Inn, the decor is a little dated, but they did have a flat panel TV mounted on the wall and wireless Internet that I was able to access on my Droid phone, but J was not able to ever hook up on her iPhone.

The rooms at the Bavarian Inn all tell the family history of a family from Frankenmuth.  There are name plaques on the doors and picture frames in the rooms with pictures and a written history of that family.  I didn’t really pay much attention to what our room had to offer as far history, but it was pretty noticeable right there in the entry way.

After a quick nap, we headed down to the pool.  Before the expansion, there were five pools.  During construction, there are three.  Once completed there will be four and two indoor water slides.

We didn’t really know where the pools were, but I saw signs for the Family Fun center which is basically in the basement.  We hopped on the elevator and went downstairs.

The Family Fun Center is actually pretty neat.  There are 100’s of video games, a gift shop, a two story playhouse for the little kids, and an 18-hold miniature golf course.  The Fun Center is actually where two of the pools are as well.  When you get off the elevators and go to the right, you come to a large pool with a large open deck area.  This is where the “Spray and Splash Pool” used to be, but those are the two pools that are being removed for the water slides.

We passed on that pool and headed the other direction for the “Waterfall Pool.”  This one was a little harder to find because it’s kind of hidden in a corner back behind the miniature golf course.  We sort of followed the vague signs until we ran in to an employee at the gift shop.  He told us to keep going down the path we were on.

Once we found it, we were the only ones there…for a few minutes anyway when another family with two younger girls joined us.  The Waterfall Pool gets it’s name because there is a huge waterfall at one end of the pool.

J has been taking swimming lessons with L at Borgess Health and Fitness.  We know she likes the water, but that water is much warmer.  It took L a few minutes to adjust, but after that, we couldn’t have had more fun.  L was splashing away in the pool and having a good time, while J and I took turns holding her and making her chase the other person.  The only odd thing was the water had an almost salty taste to it.  It wasn’t the typical chlorine taste or smell.  It didn’t irritate any of us later so it wasn’t really a big deal.  The other thing that seemed a little weird was that it was really dark.  There’s no natural light that gets in to that pool and there isn’t much lighting.  Again, not a big deal and nothing that affected our fun, but it could be brightened up a little.

After the pool, our night was pretty much spent hanging out in the room.  We watched a little TV, took turns taking showers to wash the chlorine off, then called it a night.

Check-out time was 11:00 and we made that with about a half hour to spare.  Had we wanted to, we could have eaten breakfast at Oma’s Restaurant which is near the lobby, but we decided to venture back out in to town.

The Bavarian Inn isn’t the most modern resort in the world.  The decor is dated and the pictures on the in house advertisements look like they were shot about 20 years ago, but overall, we had a blast and as L grows up, she will find more and more to do as we continue to make the Bavarian Inn Lodge part of our trips to Frankenmuth…

The Tower Entrance


Family Fun Center

Miniature Golf Course

Waterfall Pool






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