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Hickory Timber Inn

July 22, 2012

  • 14576 Kellogg School Road
  • Hickory Corners, MI 49060
  • (269) 671-4996
  • No Known Website
  • Menu

This weekend is the one weekend a month my parents come for a day to see their youngest grand child.  For the most part, they’d be fine with just sitting around the house doing nothing, but that’s boring.  I like to take them around the area and show them a lot of the great things Southwest Michigan has to offer.

Today’s trip was one that was long overdue.  Ever since we moved to Kalamazoo, I’ve been telling my parents we needed to go to the Gilmore Car Museum.  Today, we finally did just that.

Before the museum though, we needed to get breakfast.  I was really hungry and have a list of places in the Plainwell area I would like to go, but instead, I chose to go out closer to Gilmore and check out the Hickory Timber Inn.

The Hickory Timber Inn is on the corner of Kellogg School Road and Hickory in Barry County’s Hickory Corners.  Like my dad said later, the building is “nothing fancy.”  It’s an old two story wood building with a large porch.  Half of the bottom floor is the restaurant while the other half is an antique shop.  The upper floor is apartments.

The restaurant is divided in to two areas.  When you walk in the door, you’ll find booths and a few larger tables.  The room to the right is all tables and was pretty empty when we walked in. 

I didn’t see a sign to wait, so I headed in to the second space and picked a table along the windows.  We were able to position a high chair for Lexi in a way that would be out of the aisle and out of the waitresses way.

It took a little bit for our waitress to grab the menus and bring them over to us.  She was working on setting up a large table for a group that was on its way in.

When the menus were brought over, we put in our drink orders.  They have Pepsi products which made almost everyone happy.  My dad, who always complains when restaurants have Coke, stuck with water.  I got a Pepsi.  My mom ordered a Diet Pepsi.  J got a Sierra Mist.

When the drinks got back, we were ready to order.  Both my dad and I ordered the Moose Tracks.  The plate is a 7 oz. sizzler steak with choice of toast, eggs, and has browns.  My dad got his eggs over-easy while I ordered mine over-medium.  The steak was actually very delicious.  It was very tender and had a great seared griddle flavor.  Neither of us specified a temperature on the steak yet they both came out pretty much medium.  The eggs were eggs.  Cooked the way we ordered.  The hash browns were a little undercooked for my liking.  My dad polished them off, but I really need hash browns to be really, really brown.

J ordered The Timber Inn Special.  It’s a pretty basic breakfast plate with two eggs, two slices of bacon, hash browns, and toast.  The eggs were ordered scrambled and the bacon was very crispy.  Just the way she likes it.

My mom was juggling L while we were ordering, but she knew she wanted an omelet.  The one she ended up describing was the Timber Jack.  The three egg omelet is stuffed with ham, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, hash browns, and cheese.  She was a little surprised by the hash browns in the omelet.  She said it was something she had never had before.  I asked if that was a good thing or a bad thing and she seemed indifferent.  She didn’t hate it, but she didn’t love it either.

We passed on the desserts which was probably a mistake. They have a number of home made pies and such….and a table near us got a delicious looking cinnamon rolled delivered to them right as we were finishing up. Wish I had known about that one.

The bill for the four of us, and an extra plate of toast for L, came out to right around $30.  The Hickory Timber Inn is a solid community breakfast joint.  We were all pretty happy with our meals and it gave us full bellies for a walk around Gilmore.  There’s nothing super special about the joint, but it’s the kind of place that you seek out when you’re in the area.  A solid greasy spoon diner.

Moose Tracks

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  1. June 20, 2013 11:51 am

    Great Meatloaf Dinner and Hot Meatoaf Sanwiches, the Desserts are great also. The only thing I would not get again is the Prime Rib special as it was as thin as a piece of paper! But the Meatloaf meals, Fried Chicken dinner, Rib special with home made potatoe salad all made up for the lousy Prime Rib meal. Love it, good food, nice people.

  2. Trevor Smith permalink
    August 27, 2014 7:27 am

    My family and I frequent the Hickory Timber Inn because of its convenience and good food. However, recent visits have really left us disappointed. The wait staff has been very poor lately and food has been taking forever, even when there really aren’t that many people in the restaurant. Also, the carpet is supposed to be burgundy I think, but it is a gross shade of black at this point and truly requires replacement, not cleaning. Not sure if it is even possible to clean it. And my last complaint is the overall cleanliness of the bathrooms. They are pretty gross and really smelled like we were at the fair. Hickory owners, please clean up your restaurant!! We love going there, but we are going to think twice from now on until we hear or see that some effort has been put forth to keep it sanitary and nice. Thank you.

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