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Curious Kids’ Discovery Zone

June 11, 2012

  • 333 Broad Street
  • St. Joseph, MI 49085
  • (269) 982-8500
  • Website

After a ride on the Silver Beach Carousel, we headed out to use the restrooms.  Upon exiting, we noticed the Curious’ Kids Discovery Zone was right there.  There were a couple older boys with us whom we thought might enjoy the hands on museum.  Just like the Carousel, L was still too young, but we figured we could splash in the water with her or something so all eight of us went inside to explore.

The Curious Kids’ Discovery Zone is part of the Curious Kids’ Museum although they are in different locations.  The museum is actually up on the bluff at 415 Lake Boulevard.  On a nice day, it’s just a short walk up a flight of stairs.

We chose just to go to the Discovery Zone.  Admission is $6.  If you’re interested in doing both museums, you can get the combo for $10.  The thing I liked is that once you pay, you can come and go as long as you keep your sticker on.  You can play in the museum for a while, go the beach, then come back and chill in the air conditioning once the kids get tired.

I haven’t been to a lot of childrens’ museums, but Curious Kids’ Discovery Zone is pretty similar to the once I have been to.  There’s a lot of hands on activities that all have a lesson to teach your child.  Since I had L, I went straight to the water table.  I’ll admit, I’m kind of a bad dad because I don’t even know what we were supposed to be learning.  I just got down on a knee so I could hold L right on the edge.  She reached over and started grabbing for one of the toys.  When she couldn’t reach it, she resorted to just splashing in the water and screeching. 

Once she got tired of the water, I walked in to a room with a rock climbing wall.  It wasn’t quite big enough for me to try and hurt myself on, but I held L up to it and she latched on to one of the hand holds.  It was actually quite cute as she would grab on and not let go.

The older kids went straight for the Lighthouse Kids’ Climbing Tower.  The 25 high tower gives kids a view of the whole museum and now I find out, that adults actually could climb it.  Had I known yesterday, I would have chased the boys up the tower.

My Mother-In-Law was really impressed with the Recollections room.  Admittedly, this thing was pretty cool.  It’s a little psychedelic, but a really neat virtual reality room where your motions are mimiced by bright, colorful patterns on a large video screen in the front of the room.

Those are just a few of the many exhibits inside the Curious Kids’ Museum.  There’s so much more that I didn’t even really have time to look at.  After I stuck my face in the pin wall, I hit sensory over load.

The Curious Kids’ Discovery Zone was something we weren’t really expecting to find when we headed to Silver Beach for the afternoon, but it is something that will bring us back.  Just like the Carousel, neither J nor I can wait until L is old enough to explore.  The boys we were with had a good time and I had fun playing with L even though she didn’t really understand what was going on.

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