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Yo Go Delites

May 7, 2012

  • 6412 S. Westnedge Avenue
  • Portage, MI 49002
  • (269) 329-2883
  • Website
  • No Online Menu

After lunch at Garden Gate Cafe, J wanted to drive down Westnedge to a new froyo place that opened in the Crossroads Galleria in Portage.  I’m not really a frozen yogurt fan, but I decided to drive her down that way so she could get the froyo she’s been craving.

I used to go out of our way to take her to White Velvet, but the last few times we’ve gone out there, they’ve been closed.  No idea if it was permanent or not, but we haven’t found them open in several months.  When we made a trip to the mall a few weeks ago, she noticed a sign for Yo Go Delites.  It wasn’t open at that time, but she has been waiting patiently since then for the grand open.

We had a sleeping baby when I pulled in to the parking lot, so I opted to stay in the car.  I wasn’t planning on getting anything anyway, but from the sounds of it, I should have least went in a took a look around. 

The Mlive article from a few weeks ago makes it sound like nothing like this has ever been tried in the Kalamazoo area before, but that’s not quite true.  The concept has already been attempted by the aforementioned White Velvet.  This  concept is self serve.  There’s a bank of eight soft serve machines that each have two flavors and a handle to mix the two flavors in the machine.  The flavors are constantly changing so there will be something new every time you go in.

The way these places work is that you grab a cup and fill it up with your choice of flavors.  You then head to a topping bar and pile on what you want.  When it’s all done, you head to a scale and pay by weight.

J came back out with a mix of chocolate, dulce de lece, and blueberry froyo with raspberry’s and the small, chewy, tapioca pearls commonly found in Bubble Tea.  When I asked her if it was better than White Velvet, she emphatically claimed, “oh yeah.”

Since I don’t really eat froyo, this “review” is more of a “hey, it’s open” than anything.  J really liked the place and I’m sure will be finding reasons to go to Portage to get it….good news for her, it’s really close to the Five Guys that will be opening soon……

Chocolate, Blueberry, and Dulce de Lece Froyo

Yo Go Delites on Urbanspoon

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