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Press Release – Crooked Goose Opening in Standale

May 7, 2012

From a Meritage Hospitality Group press release…

The Crooked Goose Squawks into Standale

GRAND RAPIDS, MI—Meritage Hospitality Group, the locally owned restaurateur who brought Grand Rapids Twisted Rooster pioneered a new dining concept, Crooked Goose, due to open June 11. Its plaid exterior, hand-crafted fare and modern atmosphere make it a must-see in Walker, MI.

Like its affiliate eatery, Twisted Rooster, Crooked Goose holds strong to local values, through the support of resident vendors & suppliers through their “Commit to the Mitt” campaign. “We are a company based in Michigan, who looks to lead the charge in building a culture in our great state that focuses solely on locally made products,” says Tom Brady, Director of Operations for Crooked Goose and Twisted Rooster. “Keep it in the family!”

Not only is the food local, it is original. Executive Chef Mark Noseda II, who has a long list of culinary credentials from across the United States, designed nearly 50 options for the exclusive menu. “We really don’t do traditional, we take traditional and Twist it or make it Crooked,” says Noseda. “Anyone can make a traditional dish but making it your own is what being a Chef is all about.”
The food is inventive and so is the atmosphere. The plaid exterior, modern décor, 15 foot bar and 16 51-inch flat-screen TVs are sure to gain local attention. Meritage Hospitality Group’s architect, Mark McDowell, came up with the eccentric exterior. “We are really excited,” says Lindsay Stone, Marketing Specialist for Meritage Hospitality Group. “Nothing draws the public in better than painting plaid on the side of our building; it’s going to look really great.”

Although Crooked Goose is not open to the public until mid-June, there will be a pre-opening, VIP party and private taste-testing to get Noseda and the staff warmed up before the big opening. “As we build relationships with our schools, churches and other businesses, the Crooked Goose will be there to support and help achieve community goals,” says Brady. “We are very excited to become a valued member of the community.”

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