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Los Amigos Mexican Restaurant- Westnedge

November 28, 2011

  • 7375 S. Westnedge Avenue
  • Portage, MI 49024
  • (269) 323-2911
  • No Known Website
  • Menu

Our three day weekend of relaxing at home has come to an end.  We still had a few more errands to run in the Portage area after I got my ass out of bed and Mexican food sounded good to both of us.

Los Amigos just opened a new restaurant in a brand new building on South Westnedge in front of the Wings, Etc.  We noticed the building going up a couple months ago and had a feeling it was a Mexican place just by the design of the place.  We’re fans of Los Amigos other two locations (Romence Road and Stadium Drive) so we figured giving the new location a shot would be a pretty safe bet.

The two dining rooms have the same feel as the Stadium Drive location.  For a new building, the space does feel a little cramped though.  The furniture is all heavy, solid wood that has the Los Amigos logo painted on it.  The first thing both J and I noticed was that the place was very hot.  Both of us were only wearing a zip up hooded sweatshirt for a coat and we both had to take them off when we sat down.

We were seated in the dining room with the bar, which again, felt a little cramped.  The booth itself was quite large and even J’s pregnant belly fit comfortably. 

Our waiter got our drinks and dropped off a basket of chips and salsa while we looked over the large menu.  When I mentioned Los Amigos, J was very excited about the chips and salsa. The home made tortilla chips and the thin, spicy salsa is a favorite of ours.

I was leaning very heavily towards the Arroz Con Pollo or the Huevos Rancheros, but noticed the combination dinners on the back as I folded the menu up.  Instead of going with one of the lunch specialties, I got Combination Dinner #3.  The plate is two hard shell tacos, a tostada, and an enchilada.  All were beef and all were delicious.  I love Los Amigos tacos.  They top them with chihuahua cheese and lettuce and there was plenty of both.  The tostada was pretty soggy by the time I got to it, but it was topped with the same cheese and lettuce that was on the taco.  There was quite a bit of lettuce on the plate and I kind of picked around most of it to get to the good stuff.  When I was done, it looked like there was still a lot of food on my plate, but it was all lettuce.  The enchilada was topped with a red sauce and was a little spicy, but not overwhelming.  My favorite thing about this plate was that it did no come with rice and refried beans.  I actually wanted to eat, and did eat, almost everything on my plate.

J also went with a combo plate, but she chose of the vegetarian side.  She got Veggie Combination A.  That plate comes with an enchilada and a bean tostada.  She must have been really hungry because when I looked up her plate was cleaned.  She remarked a couple times that she’s always liked Los Amigos and the fact that her plate was empty is proof.

Our bill was right at $20 and we both left stuffed and happy with our meal.  Los Amigos is always a safe bet when it comes to Mexican in Kalamazoo and this new location is no different than the other two.

Home made Chips and Salsa

Combination Dinner #3

Vegetarian Combination C

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  1. Jodi Needham permalink
    March 18, 2016 4:41 pm

    I eat at your restaurant once a week. I just bought take out, got home, everyone started eating and we quickly realized we were missing 2 chalupas and 2 sides of beans. We called to tell you and was told we had to bring everything back. This confused us and didn’t make sense. We had already began eating. We were literally told they thought we were lieing and we ate the food and are trying to get free food. The guy on the phone kept interrupting us and was very rude. We asked to speak to a manager. The guy on the phone said the manager wasn’t there and he was in charge and he doesn’t give out free food. We again said we didn’t want free food we just want what we paid for. Are you kidding me? Over 2 chalupas and refried beans? We ordered a ton of food as we always do. We said we will never be back and we’re going to write a bad review and let people know. We were told you don’t care if you lose customers. I hope it was worth 2 chalupas and some beans. Buyers beware! Horrible customer service. Rip-off alert!

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