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Los Amigos – Portage

June 16, 2010

  • 633 Romence Road
  • Portage, MI 49024
  • (269) 323-2910
  • No Known Website
  • Menu

A couple days ago, J and I ran to Stein Mart just to do some browsing.  We had never been to the Stein Mart in Portage and J was looking for a couple low cost outfits for this weekend.  As we were driving through the parking lot at the Shoppes at Romence Village, we drove right by a Mexican place.  We’ve both been in that shopping center many times and I’m sure I’ve seen it before, but whenever we get in the mood for Mexican, we never think of it.  J said then we should come back later in the week.

When she got home from work today, she asked if I wanted to go for Mexican.  I figured why not and again, thought of someplace else first.  As we were walking out the door, J said she’d rather go to Los Amigos.

Los Amigos is a pretty common name for Mexican restaurants.  We visited a local chain in Lansing that used several variations of the name.  The Los Amigos in Portage is in the Shoppes at Romence Village on Romence Road across from the Crossroads Mall.  There is no apparent association with the Lansing stores, but they do have another restaurant in Muskegon. 

The dining room is rather large for a strip mall location.  There is a wall that divides it into two spaces.  Both spaces have a two rows of booths and a row of tables.  We were taken to a booth near the back not far from the bar that overlooks the kitchen.  Since it was lunch, we both asked for Coke’s while we looked over the large menu.  As we were doing that, another guy brought out a basket of chips, two small bowls and a pitcher of salsa.  That’s a neat idea that I’ve never seen before.  Instead of sharing a bowl of salsa, we both had our own bowls, so if you double dip and that grosses out your dining companions, you no don’t have to worry.

We both decided to go with a combination dinner for our meals.  I was leaning towards just getting three tacos a la carte, but in the end, I’m glad I didn’t.  I went with combo #3 which is two tacos, one enchilada, and one tostado.  My favorite reason to eat at Mexican places is tacos.  I love corn tortillas filled with beef and queso chihuahua.  That was not the case at Los Amigos and makes me think there has to be at least some connection to the Los Amigos we used to eat at in Lansing.  The tacos are hard shelled and J said they looked like they came out of a box.  That may or may not be the case.  To me, they did seem a little lighter than the mass produced hard shells, but I still found it out that a Mexican places serves an American style taco.  The taco was filled with ground beef, lettuce and a white cheese.  They were good, but not the corn tortilla tacos I really wanted.  The enchilada was also beef filled and the sauce had just a hint of spice.  The flour tortilla was very tender.  The tostada wasn’t all that great.  By the time I found it buried under a mountain of lettuce and sour cream, the tostada was very soggy and didn’t resemble anything that may have been crunchy at one time.  I tried to pull the bulk of the lettuce off to the side just to get to the meat and the shell.  When I did that, the tostada was fine and tasted really good.  I just wish the shell wouldn’t have disintegrated before I got to it.

J went with a vegetarian combo and got Combo “A.”  Her combo was one chalupa, one cheese enchilada, refried beans, and Mexican rice.  When I looked at her plate, I couldn’t identify anything on it.  It just looked like a big pile of food to me, but she had nothing but good things to say about everything.  The only thing was she was still a little hungry when she got done, so she ordered a sopapilla for dessert.  The flour tortilla is deep fried and topped with honey, butter, and cinnamon.  There are also little mounds of whipped cream with sprinkles spread around the plate.  She offered a wedge to me, but I was actually pretty full and passed.

Our bill was a little over $23, but we both left full.  There was more than enough food on my plate and with the dessert, J left happy.  Los Amigos is a pretty safe Mexican restaurant for those that aren’t huge fans of really authentic food.  They do call themselves an authentic Mexican restaurant, but I think it leans a little towards American Mexican.  I really like that their combo dinners offer options that don’t include rice and beans.  I usually waste that which is why I don’t order dinners from Mexican places.  At Los Amigos, you can get a wide variety of Mexican specialties yet still be able to get only the food you want.

Chips & Salsa

Combo #3 - Two Tacos, Enchilada, and Tostada

Combo A - Chalupa, Cheese Enchilada, Refried Beans, & Mexican Rice


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