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Fletcher’s Pub – Texas Township

October 28, 2011

  • 7177 W. Q Avenue
  • Kalamazoo, MI 49009
  • (269) 372-3188
  • Website
  • Menu

Monday was supposed to be an exciting day.  We had a 3D Ultrasound scheduled for 11 AM.  We cut our weekend home short to make it back in time and we showed up to the office right on time.  As we were pulling in the parking lot, the office called to say the tech was going home sick and they were going to try to squeeze us in at the hospital instead…which doesn’t have the 3D machine….oh, and it would be later in the day.

At that point, we were still really excited to get to peak in at our little one again, but we were pretty bummed about not getting the 3D.  Add that to the fact our day was pretty much shot now because we had to go to the hospital at 2:00 which cut in to the piles of house work that I was hoping to get done.

After leaving the office, J asked if we could go somewhere for lunch.  Since we were already on Centre Avenue in Portage, I asked if she was up for pub food.  She said she was up for anything.

We headed down Centre until it turns in to Q.  A little farther down the road we came to Fletcher’s Pub in Texas Corners.  The pub is in a small strip mall just to the west of Q Avenue and 8th Street. 

We’ve eaten at the Fletcher’s on Oakland Drive a few times and always liked it.  Hell, we’ve always had good experiences at any of the Main Street properties.

The thing I really like about the Fletcher’s in Texas Township is the space.  It’s much larger than the sister location in Kalamazoo.  J picked a table in the bar area without even realizing there was a large dining room to the left of the bar.

A waitress followed us with menus and took drink orders.  They serve Pepsi products which always makes me happy.  We weren’t quite ready when our drinks were delivered so we asked for a few minutes to look over the menu.  After listing off the specials, the waitress gave us a couple more minutes.

My decision at pubs isn’t really tough.  It’s usually just which burger do I want.  I tried ordering the Bacon Cheeseburger, but the delivery truck hadn’t made a stop at Fletcher’s yet and they waitress was said they didn’t have enough bacon in the kitchen for a burger.  Instead, I just ordered the American Burger and added Cheddar Cheese.  The burger was a 1/2 lb cooked to a medium with just the slightest pink center.    I was just in the mood for something simple and that’s what I got.  The sandwich came with skin on fries that were cooked perfectly.  I didn’t have much of an appetite after the morning we had, but this burger and fries went down pretty easily.

J was kind of in the same situation I was.  She was hungry, but didn’t have a taste for anything.  She finally settled on the Pub Club.  The sandwich is toasted white bread with turkey, ham, American cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo.   They actually had enough bacon pieces left for her sandwich so I guess if it was going to be one of us, I’m glad she got the bacon.  Her sandwich actually looked really delicious for such a simple sandwich and she seemed to really enjoy it.  Her sandwich came with fries as well.

Our bill was just under $20.  Fletcher’s lived up to what we expect from a Main Street restaurant.  We weren’t really in a dining out mood, yet we still really enjoyed Fletcher’s.  I expect to go back and really dive in to the menu a little bit.

American Burger w/Cheddar Cheese and Fries

Pub Club w/Fries

Fletcher's Pub on Urbanspoon

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  1. Angie Kuppler permalink
    August 3, 2014 7:59 pm

    I have always loved Fletcher’s Pub but the last 4 times we have been there on a Sunday night have been very disappointing. They either need to hire more kitchen staff or get a new manager on this night. (A new manager has been there-a female) We have had to wait at least 45 minutes to an hour each time for our food. We usually order their specials–personal pizza, roast beef dinner. We have also ordered their fiesta salad and wings. Nothing too intense to make. We complained to the manager the first time it happened–along with another table that came in after us–and she said it was hot in the kitchen, they had a rush all at once and then asked if we wanted these pizzas or not that she had in her hands. Very unprofessional. The food also came out a bit at a time over a 15 minute time period. I have $28.00 left on my gift card someone gave me and I doubt if we will return after that. Very disappointing.

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