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Fletcher’s Pub – Oakland/Winchell

May 14, 2010

  • 3013 Oakland Drive
  • Kalamazoo, MI 49008
  • (269) 342-5208
  • Website
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Today was just a lazy day.  We made plans to go out to lunch to kick off a weekend of celebration.  May 15, 2009 was the day we got engaged.  We don’t really have any concrete plans, but we wanted to do something special.

J’s car was in the shop, so I was waiting for a phone call about that when I got a phone call about some work.  It’s for a company I’ve been trying to get in with, but so far hadn’t heard anything.  I was surprised and really excited when I answered the phone and it was them asking if I was available tonight.

While really excited about the prospect of getting my foot in the door, my stomach knotted up like it always does when I work for new people.  That made me not very hungry.   J suggested we go out for lunch since we wouldn’t be able to go out for dinner, but neither of us really had a taste for anything.

Since that was the case, I decided to play it safe and go to a place I knew we’d like.  Fletcher’s Pub in the Oakland/Winchell neighborhood is part of the Main Street Pub chain.  We’ve had nothing but good experience at Main Street and University Roadhouse, so I had no reason to believe Fletcher’s would be any different.  The pub is in Oakwood Plaza that sits on Oakland Avenue at Whites Road.  I had never been there before but I knew it was there.  Most of the store front sort of run together, so you need to look for the signs to find the right place. 

From the parking lot, the space doesn’t look like much.  There’s a door underneath the sign that leads you into the bar.  There’s another door almost right next to the entrance to the pub, so you get the illusion that the bar isn’t going to be all that big.  It’s not huge, but it’s a lot bigger than it looks like from the outside.

There’s a hostess station right inside the door.  It sort of straddles two dining rooms.  The rooms are pretty obviously a smoking and non-smoking section from the pre-ban days.  In the post-ban, easy to breathe days, it just gives you more choices on where you want to sit.  You can actually sit in the bar area and watch one of the many TV’s filled with ESPN and Fox News and actually not have to look through a haze.

We were shown to a booth in the bar area.  There are also pub tables in this area, but we didn’t specify or care where we wanted to sit.  In the other room, there are two rows of booths.  The rooms are separated by a glass wall.  The other other wall is full of Detroit sports memorabilia.

The menu is similar to the Main Street Pub chain.  There seems to just be some slight differences.  They all offer sandwiches, wraps, and appetizers as well as their “famous” pizzas.

I went pretty bland for me.  I ordered the American Burger.  They had a really delicious sounding offering called The Beast which included bacon, ham and two kinds of cheese, but my stomach wasn’t up to the challenge today.  Next time.  The American Burger is a half pound burger served on a Kaiser roll.  I added cheddar cheese for an additional $.50.  The burger came out perfectly pink.  I asked for it medium and that’s how I got it.  In four trips now, I’ve never had a bad burger at one of the Main Street restaurants.  The Kaiser roll was nice and soft yet toasted and the sandwich came with a sharp cheddar and a white cheddar cheese.  As a side, I stuck with french fries.  They are skin on and very golden.  Pretty sure they have a light beer batter as well.  My mind isn’t working so good as I write this ten hours later.

J ordered the Ranch Fritter Wrap.  A grilled flour tortilla is filled with sliced chicken tenders, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and ranch sauce.  She left the tomato out and added buffalo sauce for an extra $.50.  She really liked the chicken in the wrap.  The chicken always seems to be hit or miss in wraps.  This was a definite hit.  She said it was nice and crispy and not soggy at all.  It’s like it was just cooked right before it went in the wrap.  Her meal also came with french fries which she really liked.  She’s a big fan of crispy french fries and these were crispy.

Our bill was a little over $18.  Can’t argue with that for good pub food. It’s not the romantic outing we have planned for this weekend, but we’ll get to that. Fletcher’s is exactly what we expected it to be.  I was looking for a solid pub for lunch and that’s exactly what Fletcher’s is.

The American Burger w/Fries

Ranch Fritter Wrap

Fletcher's Pub on Urbanspoon

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  1. Micah VanBeck permalink
    August 7, 2012 9:43 pm

    This place sucks. It hasn’t been good in years. The food is boring and usually overcooked. The service isn’t much better.

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