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Press Release – Kalamazoo Cooks Culinary Program Offering First Class

August 19, 2011

From a Kalamazoo Cooks press release….

West Michigan’s Top Chefs Share Secrets with Students

Kalamazoo, Michigan – August 18, 2011 – There really are no “secrets” in cooking, but rather a collective of knowledge held dear by Culinary and Pastry Artists. West Michigan is home to some of the greatest Chefs in the country and they are eager to share their passion and knowledge with the community.
38-year old Chef Will Sprague started Kalamazoo Cooks! Culinary Programs in an effort to bring the culinary school experience to the recreational cook or budding professional who does not have time or money for a long term culinary education.
“Full-time Culinary and Pastry schools are ultimately the way to go towards getting into the profession, but are often grueling and time intensive.” says Chef Sprague. “Our classes are for those who want hands-on training in an easy to digest schedule.”
Kalamazoo Cooks’ classes are generally one to three hours long and can be taken independently from each other. Classes range from Fundamental Knife skills to Molecular Gastronomy, French Cuisine to Foods of Rome.
“Whether you’ve never boiled water or you are just getting started in the profession, chances are we have something for you.”
“One of the most exciting aspects of our cooking school is that we are bringing together top chefs, pastry artists, and wine professionals from across West Michigan to share their expertise. Chefs have their passions and we aim to share this with the community.”
Kalamazoo Cooks Culinary Programs will be offering its first class of the season, Knife Skills I, on Saturday, August 27, 2011 from 4 – 6 pm. Classes will be held at the Can-Do Kitchen in downtown Kalamazoo. Potential students are encouraged to enroll two weeks in advance through the Kalamazoo Cooks website.
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