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Little Caesars – West Main

August 18, 2011

  • 4250 W. Main Street
  • Kalamazoo, MI 49006
  • (269) 345-7200
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J might be used to the early morning schedule, but when I have to work it, I drag ass most of the day.  I’m used to being up fairly late, but not all night.  That was the case for a couple days this week as I had to work the overnight shift.

On the first day I worked the shift, I called J on my way home just to talk….hoping she could keep me engaged and awake as I drove.  About halfway home, she asked what I wanted to do for lunch.  I suggested running by Little Caesars and picking up one of their new Deep Dish pizzas.  I thought they were Hot ‘n Ready, but J called to make sure.  Good thing, they’re Hot ‘N Ready in the evening, but not at the time of day I was stopping in.  She put in an order for a half pepperoni and half cheese Deep Dish Pizza and an order of Crazy Bread.

The Little Caesars I was heading towards to pick up the order was the West Main Street location across from Davenport University.  Like most Little Caesars’, the shop is a small carry-out operation.  I pulled in to the parking lot on the Main Street side.  The logical thing to do is go to the door closest to that parking lot, but that’s an employee entrance.  You actually have to go around the corner to what is actually the front of the shopping center. 

I walked in to find a large waiting area.  I walked up to the counter and told the clerk that my wife had called in an order.  He told me it was just coming out of the oven and they’d box it up and get it right out.  I sat down on one of the yellow plastic chairs up against the wall and checked in on Foursquare.  Before I even finished that, my pizza came up on the counter and a bag of Crazy Bread was taken out of the Hot ‘n Ready warmer.  The total was a little over $12.

J and I became fans of the square pizza when we first visited the originator of the Detroit Style Pizza.  We took my family to Buddy’s Pizza before a Tigers game a few years ago and since you can’t get Buddy’s outside of Detroit, we’ve tried every square pizza from a chain pizzeria we can find.  A couple of them have been pretty good, including Jet’s, but they’re still no Buddy’s.  How would Little Caesars stack up.

Before I get in to it, I should tell you I’m not really a fan of Little Caesars.  I really don’t think the pizza is all that great yet I pick it up quite a bit.  You really can’t be the value of the $5.55 Hot ‘N Ready.  Oh yeah, and every time I buy a Little Caesars pizza, I give money to the Detroit Tigers….being a Sox fan, that hurts a little.

The first thing we both noticed about the pizza when we opened the box was how it was cut.  Square pizzas are typically cut in to squares.  It makes sense when you think about it.  A rectangle shaped pizza cut in to squares.  How obvious.  Not the case with this pizza.  It was cut in to oddly shaped triangles.  Not a huge deal, but just something that was odd.

The pizza, for the most part, tasted like a Little Caesars pizza.  It was fine, but not knock your socks off.  The crust was noticeably different from a typical Little Caesars pizza.  It did have more of the butter crust that defines the Detroit style pizza, but as J put it, needed a little more butter and a little more crispy.

The Crazy Bread got gobbled up right away after we both got a taste of the pizza.  The Parmesan dusted bread sticks came with a large bowl of marinara dipping sauce which we made good use of.

Just like the typical Little Caesars pizza, the Deep Dish Pizza is just good enough to keep me coming back.  I liked it, but it wasn’t fantastic.  Next time I’m hungry and impatient, I’ll give it another go around.  The price is just right.

Deep Dish Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza

Deep Dish Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza

Little Caesars Pizza on Urbanspoon

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  1. August 18, 2011 4:32 am

    Don’t believe this is new, as they’ve had their square pizza for several years for $7. Used to link it but now Jet’s is so much better.

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