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Press Release – Everything But The Beak

May 27, 2011

From a Fair Food Matters press release….

“Eat Local, Kalamazoo” will take people back to grandmother’s kitchen with the chicken-preparation workshop “Everything But the Beak.”

The event will take place Wednesday, June 1 from 6:30-8 p.m. at the Portage District Library. It is free of charge and open to everyone, and no registration is necessary.

Until recently, every cook in this country knew how to carve, prepare and cook an entire chicken – including the innards and bones. Meals would begin with roast chicken on Sunday, followed by hash, stews, soups and more throughout the week.

Under the guidance of Chef Channon Mondoux, participants in this workshop will learn how to truss a chicken for roasting, properly cut up a chicken, and prepare a variety of dishes using the entire bird – the neck, skin, liver, kidney, heart, feet and carcass. The recipes are delicious, and almost nothing goes to waste.

In addition to gaining a vast amount of time-tested knowledge, participants will enjoy tasty samples of various chicken parts.

“Everything But the Beak” is presented by Fair Food Matters, the Portage District Library and Tillers International.

“Eat Local, Kalamazoo” is a season-long series of events designed to increase the community’s awareness of and appreciation for local food. It is sponsored by Bravo Restaurant and Café; Harding’s; Natural Health Center; Webster’s Prime Steakhouse and Zazios.

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