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Yoder’s Country Market

February 27, 2011

  • 375 Eleanor Drive
  • Centreville, MI 49032
  • (269) 467-4856
  • Website
  • Menu

The thing I really like about my job is that I’m not confined to an office.  I get to travel all over West Michigan which means I get opportunities to sample restaurants in several different towns.

My latest travels took me a little ways south of Kalamazoo to Centreville.  My co-worker has been to that area quite a few times so I deferred to her when it came time for lunch.

Without hesitation, she pointed me towards Yoder’s Country Market.  It’s a small building on the east side of town near the intersection of Eleanor Drive and East Main Street.  The business is actually a grocery store, but they have a great deli where they make subs and salads fresh to order as well as BBQ.

My eye was instantly drawn to a display case of food that had amazing looking ribs.  Apparently, they only do ribs on Friday and it’s a pretty popular item.  Just while I was standing there, four people came up and ordered a whole slab.  I passed on the ribs, but not on the BBQ.  Next to the ribs was a pan of pulled pork, so I ordered a sandwich. The sandwich is a standard bun with a pretty large heaping of smoked pulled pork.  It’s already covered in sauce, but it’s not swimming in that sauce.  You can still taste and smell the smoke coming that comes pouring out of the bun.  The sandwich was delicious, but since it’s a deli, all I got was a sandwich.  The price is right at $4.50, but I should have continued looking around the store and grabbed a bag of chips or something.  It’s definitely something I would, and will probably have the chance, to order again.

My co-worker went with one of the deli sandwiches.  The way it works is that they leave a pad of paper on the table with options.  You fill out the paper with your choice of meats, cheeses, veggies and condiments.  I really have no idea what she actually picked, but I was surprised to see a big torpedo of a sandwich.  It was cut in to two pieces and she wrapped the second half to take home for later.  Like my sandwich, the price seemed right and she’s eaten there many times in the last few months and continues to go back day after day for the same thing.

There are a few tables near the front next to the check out if you prefer to dine in.  We were getting ready to go eat in the car when my accomplice looked over and saw there was an open table.  We took a seat and did a little people watching while we greadily scarfed down our lunches.  Like I mentioned earlier, you only get your sandwich from the deli.  Anything else, you can grab from the grocery section.  We both grabbed Pepsi’s for now and later so we’d have something to wash down our food.

Yoder’s is a fantastic option when you’re in Centreville.  It’s a really popular, quick lunch spot with a great deli and above average BBQ.  I never would have found the place on my own because you really  have no idea that it’s even a lunch option.  From the street, you would just think that it was a grocery store, but you would be missing out on something wonderful.

Pulled Pork Sandwich

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