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Round Barn Winery Tasting Room – Union Pier

February 6, 2011

  • 9185 Union Pier Road
  • Union Pier, MI 49129
  • (269) 469-6885
  • Website

If you read my last post about Taco Bob’s, you already know that we had some issues getting J to Chicago.  She was supposed to take an Amtrak, but being on time is a problem for Amtrak.  They were not just late.  They were over four hours late which would have made J miss her dinner plans and her connecting Metra to the suburbs where her parents live.

Since I didn’t want her weekend home to get off to a bad start, I offered to just drive her to Chicago.  Her mom then offered to meet us halfway, so we headed towards New Buffalo.

As we got close, I realized we hadn’t heard from J’s mom yet which means she probably wasn’t in New Buffalo yet.  As we were coming up on Exit 6, I asked J if she wanted to pull off and get her mom a bottle of wine as a “thank you” for coming to get her.

Now, I was thinking St. Julian because I knew her mom really likes their wine, but J said she still had a couple bottles from her last trip to Michigan.  J suggested we try Round Barn.

Round Barn Winery is actually in Baroda, MI, but they have tasting rooms in Saugatuck and Union Pier.  The Union Pier location is right off the Interstate right next to St. Julian’s retail outlet.  Since it was pretty early on a Friday afternoon, the parking lot was pretty empty.  There was one other car there and we found that couple at the tasting bar when we got inside.

The thing that intrigues me about Round Barn is that they also do beer.  I would have loved to tried their brews, but unfortunately, we were in a big hurry.  Just as we got in the door, the phone rang.  J’s mom just got off the Interstate at Exit 4 where we were going to meet.

We were kind of going at this blind because we didn’t really have time for a tasting, so we started picking up bottles and reading descriptions.  J’s mom likes a good white wine, so that’s what we looked for.  I grabbed a bottle of Pinot Gris and thought that’s what we were going to get, but J found a bottle of Free Run Cellars Mezzo which is a Semi-Dry Table Wine.

I put back the bottle I was holding and went to look at the display of beers really wishing I could taste them, but we had to go.  J headed to the tasting bar to pay for the bottle she picked out.  The cost was a little under $20 and it turned out to be the perfect gift for J’s mom.  She loved it so much it didn’t make it through the night.

We will have to make a return trip to Round Barn so we can actually take the time to do a tasting.  I’d like to make it the winery in Baroda, but the Tasting Room is in a really convenient location right off I-94.

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