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Barrett’s Smokehouse

August 11, 2010

  • 9942 Oakland Drive
  • Portage, MI 49024
  • (269) 323-3700
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Wednesday afternoon has become date night.  Is that weird?  It’s just the time that J and I have off together so we’ve been making it our day to do something together.  The plan today was pick up lunch and pick up a movie from Blockbuster Express.

I was in the mood for BBQ and I remembered a place in Portage that  I’ve been wanting to check out.

Barrett’s Smokehouse on the corner of Portage Shaver Road isn’t really a restaurant.  It’s a meat processing center.  They make a lot of packaged meat and offer deer processing in the fall, but they also have a smoker out back.  Since they have a smoker, why not take advantage of it.

From 11 AM to 7 PM everyday, they offer pulled pork sandwiches and one other special.  The Tuesday special is brisket, but J and I are both huge fans of pulled pork, so that’s what we got.

Since Barrett’s isn’t a restaurant, there’s no place to really eat.  There are a couple picnic tables outside, but it was raining when we stopped in to get our lunch.  We put in our order and started looking around the display cases to see if there was anything else we couldn’t live without. 

Right near the door was a little display with samples of home made cheeses and sausages.  One of those cheeses was too much to pass up.   J took one bite of the Smoked Bacon Cheddar Cheese and had to have it.  We found it in the cooler and brought that back to the counter as the clerk was bagging up our sandwiches.

The cost for the two sandwiches was just a little over $12.  Our total bill was bumped up to a little over $17 with the brick of cheese.

We had to head home to eat, but we made a few more stops to pick up milkshakes and a movie.  When we got home and opened up the styrofoam containers, we were both a little surprised at just how big the sandwich was.  For six bucks, I was kind of expecting a little sandwich that was more bread than meat, but that was not the case.

The meat comes served on a large bun with no sauce.  I love places that serve the meat “naked” because that lets you decide how much or how little sauce you want.  I’m the type of guy that could eat it plain, but J likes to have a lot on hers.

The sauce that did come with it was in a separate little container.  As J was pouring it on her sandwich, she noticed there were chunks of something in the sauce.  I opened mine up and dipped a finger in to see if I could figure it out.  I’m pretty sure it was small chunks of onions.   The good thing about seeing that is you know this sauce was home made.  The bad thing is, I don’t like onions.   I don’t have a problem making a sauce with onions then straining them out, but because I have an aversion to them, I don’t really want to see or feel them.   Still, I went for it and put the sauce on my sandwich as well.  Every now and then I would get a little crunch.  It wasn’t anything that made me hate the sandwich, but the sauce is not really my thing.

The meat is a different story.  The meat was delicious.  It was nice and tender and still a little juicy.  I got a few of the burnt ends on my sandwich which the best thing about slow smoked meat.  Like I already mentioned, there was quite a large pile of meat on the bread.  In fact, there was more then either of us could eat.  I struggled to finish my sandwich just because of pride issues.  J was only able to eat about half of hers until she had to give up and save the rest for later.

The pulled pork comes with two sides.  You get a cole slaw which J really liked.  I don’t like slaw, so I didn’t even try it.  The sandwich also comes with a bag of Lay’s Potato Chips.

We both really liked the sandwiches, but the sauce wasn’t really our thing.  We’re more of a Memphis style sauce people.  If the sauce was strained, I think I would have really liked it.  I just wasn’t a fan of the chunks.

Barrett’s Smokehouse is one of those hidden gems.  It sits a little ways off the road and it doesn’t look like a place where you can get a great sandwich.  It’s actually the perfect lunch spot though.  It’s quick, it’s cheap, and it’s delicious.

Smoked Bacon Cheddar Cheese

Pulled Pork Street

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