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Shelton’s Farm Market

July 22, 2010

  • 1832 S. 11th Street
  • Niles, MI 49120
  • (269) 684-3230
  • Website

One more stop before heading home.  After a fabulous lunch at the Riverfront Cafe in downtown Niles, J wanted to stop and pick up some fruit.  Since we were in an area of SW Michigan that we had never been in, we had no idea where to go.  On a whim, I did a Google search for “farm market Niles, MI” and came up with a place that looked like it would have everything we wanted.

Shelton’s Farm Market is on the corner of 11th Street and Bell Road on the south side of Niles.  When I found info on line, I wasn’t sure if this was a seasonal stand or a year round, grocery store-like market similar to Horrocks.  It was the latter.

The property is divided between the retail market and a fairly large looking wholesale operation.  The retail parking lot is pretty narrow with barely enough room for two rows of cars.  I carefully made my way to a spot then we headed in to the somewhat small, but stocked full, market.

Earlier I made the comparison to Horrocks for those of you that know that store.  Shelton’s is very similar.  The big draw is the huge selection of fruits and veggies…and the huge fresh meat case.

Not needing a whole lot, I grabbed a basket and J started searching for berries.  She wanted to get some blueberries to make smoothies before work and some sweet cherries.  She was able to find both and tossed them into the basket.

I didn’t  need anything but I had to check out the meat case.  Oh, I wish I lived closer and J was a beef eater.  There were no less than three butchers working the counter and every cut of meat imaginable.  One long wall was taken up with the beef and pork cuts.  Another shorter wall was full of chicken.  I wanted everything.

If that wasn’t enough, they were also selling who loins of ribeye, NY Strip and several other cuts.  For less than $60, you could buy a whole loin and cut it to your liking as you need it.  It doesn’t get much fresher than that.  My parents actually do that quite a bit back home.  They buy the loin then have the butcher cut it for them.  You can get the thickness you want.

After my little drooling episode, we kept walking through the veggies just to see what else the store offered.  In the back, there’s a whole “certified organic” section.

In a small bulk section, J picked up some organic granola mix to snack on at work.  They also had a variety of flours, oats, and other bulk products.

While they have a number of fresh, local products, they do stock some national brands.  We found a pretty interesting array of glass bottle cola.  They had Boylan which makes a very tasty cola as well as Mexican Coke, Dad’s Rootbeer, and a few others.

We hit the check out lane and were amazed at the couple in front of us.  They had a whole cart full of bags and were only paying $37.  J was really impressed but I reminded her we did that at Horrocks all the time when we lived in Lansing.  At the mega mart later, we got half the amount of stuff for double the price.

When it was our turn to check out, J’s three items cost a little over $8.  Shelton’s is a place J and I would visit often if we lived close.  It reminded us a lot of our weekly trips to Horrocks and how much we took those shopping excursions for granted.

The meat department….seriously…..awesome……

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  1. Garry permalink
    July 22, 2010 8:00 am

    Shelton’s grow alot of the fruits & vegtables they sell, they have a farm on M-140 near Berrien Center.

    About 14 miles north of Niles is Berrien Springs where “Apple Valley” ! It is like a Supermarket but handles no meat. But they have a HUGE selections of dry fruits, Ganola. snack mixes, trail mixes and etc.

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