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Horrocks Farm Market – Battle Creek

May 18, 2010

  • 235 Capital Avenue SW
  • Battle Creek, MI 49037
  • (269) 966-3200
  • Website

Back when we lived in Lansing, we did almost all of our summer months shopping at Horrocks.  It was easily a once a week and sometimes twice a week trip.  It was fresh and it was cheap.

Since we were already in Battle Creek for our visit to Binder Park Zoo, J suggested hitting the Horrocks there before we left town.  I didn’t have a reason to argue.  There’s a lot I miss about the place and I was hoping to stock up.

Horrocks Farm Market is on the corner of Capital Avenue and Fountain Street.  Well, the front of it is anyway.  The parking lot and main entrance is actually off Dickman Road not too far from the I-194 exchange. The building, I’m told, used to be a Sears store.  It’s a large, two floor building that makes use of every available space.

You have to go through the garden center to get to the main entrance.  Picture the garden center at one of the big box stores, then double the size and product.  It’s pretty impressive just how much they have.  We scouted out a few bulbs for J’s mom, but didn’t end up buying any.  We also checked out some planters for my budding herb garden….but again, didn’t buy anything.

The difference between the Lansing Horrocks and the Battle Creek Horrocks is the layout.  We’ve been to the BC location a few times now and still haven’t gotten used to the way the store is set up.  There is a natural flow at the Lansing Horrocks.  You kind of work your way from room to room.  At the Battle Creek location, it’s just a wide open floor plan that really doesn’t have a good flow.

The first section when you come in is the bulk candy section.  They package their own candy, nuts, trail mix and the like.  J picked up a few plastic containers of dried fruit snacks.  I headed to the pantry section.  They have a pretty good dry goods section of small brand products.  Most of the stuff they have you kind in your typical mega mart, but they’re not going to be the featured products.  They’re going to be the bottom two shelves kind of things.  They’re usually a higher end product, but not as popular as the national brands or store brands.  At Horrocks, they’re the feature.  They have a huge section of hard to find hot sauces and condiments in this section as well.

Beyond the pantry area, they have a huge canning operation.  They make their own jams, jellies, salsas, and pickles.

We hit up the cheese room next which was always my favorite area in the Lansing store.  We didn’t need much, but I just love looking.  They have a huge variety of cheese both packaged by them and some commercial products.  The only thing I grabbed from this area was some commercial butter and a small package of proscuitto which I turned in to a pizza topping.

The produce section is right outside the cheese room and it’s massive.  It rivals Meijer is both quantity and selection.  J picked up a bag of grapes and some lemons, but that’s about it.  We used to come home with bags full of fruit when we did our weekly shopping trip in Lansing, but we didn’t need much on this trip.

As we were heading towards the check out, we came across more cheese.  There was one case which was all Mexican cheeses and I was in the mood for tacos.  I picked up a small brick of Queso Chihuahua after some prodding from J.  It wasn’t exactly cheap, but I knew it wouldn’t go to waste.

The final stop was the wine selection.  Lansing has a huge…and I mean huge liquor section.  The BC location isn’t quite as big, but they do have a good stock of both Michigan made and national wines.  J picked up a bottle of Cherry Wine Sangria from the Traverse Bay Winery.

We ended up with more than I thought we would.  I was really hoping to find a bulk spice section.  Lansing has a whole wall of prepackaged bulk spice at really good prices.  I couldn’t find anything like that in Battle Creek.  They did have some of their Mexican spices blends in bottles and I need Paprika which was also packaged in a bottle for a really good price.  I picked that up, but I couldn’t stock up on other things I needed like I hoped I would be able to.

I wish Horrocks had a store in Kalamazoo as well.  It’s one of the things we miss most about Lansing…especially in the summer.  I don’t think we’ll be making weekly trips to Battle Creek, but it’s a place we will always hit up if we’re in the area anyway.

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  1. Bonita Summers permalink
    July 27, 2010 8:42 am

    just a short question,do you ship online, like chocolate covered coffee beans?

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