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Tim’s Pizza

May 21, 2010

  • 102 S. Main Street
  • Olivet, MI 49076
  • (269) 749-2311
  • No Known Website
  • Menu

A surprise phone call yesterday led me to a job in Olivet.  I had never been to the small burg before and really didn’t even know we would be eating in town, but the lady I was working for was insistent that we eat before making the drive back to Kalamazoo.  You know I can’t argue with that.

A few people at the job site recommended a pizza joint downtown.  Neither of us really knew how to even get downtown, but Olivet is not that big of a town so it wasn’t too hard.

Tim’s Pizza is on Main Street at the corner of Washington.  It’s an old building that’s part of an old downtown.  It wasn’t hard to spot.  There was a big sign above the door that we could see from a block away.

Our lunch was a little later than we would have liked.  It was after 3:00 before we walked in.  The place was empty when we walked in, but business was starting to pick up by the time we  left.  The employees were all sitting at a table in the front of the small dining room.

At first, we were thinking about grabbing something to go, but ended up deciding on a pizza.  The lady I was working with asked if they had thin crust and was told the did.  We got a 16″ pizza with pepperoni on one half for me and green olives on the other half for her.  I got a Pepsi to drink which they had on fountain.  They also did cans and bottle of Coke.  My colleague saw the ice cream cooler and got a couple scoops of Mint Chocolate Chip which tided her over until the pizza came. 

The pizza took about ten minutes to come out and it was highly recommended from the locals.  We were both a little surprised that there aren’t more food options in Olivet considering they have the college, but I pointed out college kids live on pizza, so a pizza joint in the middle of town isn’t much of a surprise.

The thin crust isn’t really what either of us would call thin crust.  The crust was more of a thin thick crust.  It was a soft, doughy crust, but to my surprise, it wasn’t very chewy.  It had some firmness to it which made eating easier.  There was no bite and rip to get a piece of the triangle.

The sauce was actually quite tasty.  It was a little sweet and there was a good portion.  The sauce wasn’t falling off and it held the cheese on pretty well.  Neither of us had an instance where we ripped the cheese off the crust.

My side was a pretty typical pepperoni, but my colleague’s side was loaded with olives.  They did not skimp on that side of the pie.

Overall, it’s a pretty solid pizza.  It’s not quite in my wheelhouse, but I enjoyed it and even brought a few pieces home.  It’s the quintessential small town pizza joint.  As school was letting out, more and more people were showing up for ice cream and even an early dinner.  Our pizza with the Pepsi and ice cream still came in at a little under $20 and after a long day of work, we got back on the road pretty quickly.

If you’re from Olivet, you probably eat here often.  Tim’s is the kind of place that you miss when you move away.

16" Thin Crust Pizza with Pepperoni and Green Olives.

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