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Biggby Coffee – Westnedge & Old Kilgore, Portage

May 14, 2010

  • 5132 Westnedge Avenue
  • Portage, MI 49002
  • (269) 345-3540
  • Website
  • Menu

I’ve never been a coffee drinker.  J, on the other hand, enjoys a specialty coffee every now and then.  She chooses to go to Biggby most of the time just because of it’s ties to Michigan.  We got to Lansing after the whole Beaner’s thing so there’s no residual resentment from us for changing the name.  Heck, when we were first told about the change that happened right before we moved to Michigan, J had to explain to me why the name was offensive.  I’ve never heard it as a slur before, so I couldn’t figure it out.

We had to run J’s car out to the shop tonight and on the way home, she suggested swinging by Biggby.  I was actually on board this time because of the advertisements I’ve been seeing around town for Frozen Hot Chocolate.

The Biggby closest to us is on Westnedge Avenue in Portage in front of the Lowe’s.  It’s a strip mall that sits really close to the road.  There’s not a whole lot of room for two way traffic in front of the building.  Most of the time, we hit the drive thru as Biggby sits on the corner, but since we were both getting drinks, I parked in front and we went in.

The decor is pretty typical of a coffee house.  There are tables and chairs for people wanting to take advantage of the WiFi and get work done while they’re downing a coffee.  There are also some comfy chairs to sit and socialize.  The order counter is tucked into the back corner.  The wall behind the counter is the outside wall and there are two holes cut in to the side of the building for the drive thru. 

There was a little bit of a line in front of us when we got there.  There looked to be an adult bible study group getting situated near the front so they were all getting coffee before sitting down.  It went pretty quick because they all just got coffee.

I let J do the ordering since coffee houses still confuse me.  Can someone please tell me what’s wrong with the words “small,” “medium,” and “large?”

I’m pretty sure we got two Grande Frozen Hot Chocolate’s and a piece of caramel.  The cost was just a little bit over ten bucks.

It took a few minutes to get our drinks and while we were hanging around, I noticed the Frozen Hot Chocolate is just kind of a marketing tool.  They actually are offering all of their drinks either hot, chilled, or iced.  The Hot Chocolate is just a good one to put on billboards.  Hey, it worked with us.  If I had just seen all drinks can be iced, I never would have thought of hot chocolate.

We grabbed our two cups and  headed to the car.  It looked like any other drink that comes out of a Biggby kitchen.  There was a dollop of whipped cream on top and a chocolate sauce drizzle.  I stuck my straw right through the middle of that to get to the chocolaty goodness.

The drink tasted like you would expect it would.  Frozen chocolate.  It wasn’t an overpowering chocolate taste as the ice watered it down a little bit, still, it wasn’t a bland chocolate taste either.  J really liked it and I liked it enough that I would go back with her and get one if she was in a coffee mood. It’s a great way to drink hot chocolate when it’s too hot to actually drink hot chocolate.

Grande Frozen Hot Chocolate

Grande Frozen Hot Chocolate

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  1. Bernie B permalink
    May 14, 2010 1:12 am

    I might have to give that a try. It reminds me how much I miss having a Cinnabon nearby for the Mochalatta Chill’s. Oh, and they have those great rolls too =)

    There used to be a Cinnabon at the K-Zoo airport, not sure if you can get to the food area without a plane ticket nowadays =/

  2. May 14, 2010 6:22 am

    Love your comments!

  3. May 14, 2010 8:54 am

    Glad you liked it! Did you know that we offer many different types of hot (or, of course, iced or frozen) chocolate? My fave is the Mellow (marshmallow) Hot Chocolate–it’s like that moment when the marshmallows go all gooey in your hot chocolate and you kinda’ drink them as you drink the hot chocolate. But it’s that way from start to finish.

    Oh, and totally agree with you about how coffeeshop language can be confusing–feel free to just say small, medium, or large–we can handle it from there!


  4. AsIaMeRiE permalink
    June 25, 2010 5:38 am

    I heart biggby… but perhaps the website should include hours of operation!

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