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Hamburger Mikey

May 8, 2023

  • 1129 3rd Street
  • Muskegon, MI 49441
  • (231) 724-3008
  • Website
  • Menu

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Muskegon for work. I used to do it quite regularly when I worked out of the Grand Rapids office but now that I’m in Kalamazoo, it’s pretty rare.

My usual co-worker was on vacation a couple of weeks ago and I got pulled to the Grand Rapids office a few times. We ended up in Muskegon for the afternoon and I was determined to find a place to eat.

There didn’t used to be much to eat in downtown Muskegon. We typically ate at the Burger King because it was the only thing open past 6 when I was usually there.

Things have changed. There are quite a few options for food in downtown Muskegon now.

I chose the place that I thought would be quick. Counter service is always a plus for me.

Hamburger Mikey is on 3rd Street just south of Houston Avenue near downtown Muskegon. The restaurant is part of a small neighborhood business district. There are several one and two story buildings connected to each other on one side of the street and a parking lot on the other.

We were kind of in a hurry but really wanted to eat. Hamburger Mikey’s is counter service and the menu is pretty small. It’s pretty similar to Five Guys in what they offer, but as their name implies, the focus is tasty hamburgers..that are waaaaaaay better than Five Guys.

I put in my order for a Fat Mikey which is two patties. The sandwiches are totally customizable from there. I added jalapenos, bacon, and cheddar cheese. They have a variety of sauces but I was likely going to eat in the car and didn’t feel like making a mess. I added on a regular order of fries (without any sauces) then took a seat at one of the bar stools next to a counter along the wall to wait for my order to be called.

It took less than 10 minutes for our food to come up. Mine came first so I grabbed the bag with the fries and started eating while waiting on my co-worker.

The skin-on fries could have been a meal themself. The potatoes are thinly cut and fried with that delicious greasy yet still somehow crispy exterior. I love this type of fries. They remind me so much of Chicago. They’re fresh cut and twice fried giving such a unique flavor and texture you can’t get from bagged crinkle cut fries. The portion size for the “regular” was huge as well. I was pretty shocked when I pulled them out of the bag and wasn’t sure if I would be able to eat both the fries and the burger.

I waited on the burger until I got back to Grand Rapids because I really wanted to enjoy it. The sandwich was pretty amazing.

It looks like a simple smash patty burger and it is, but it’s so incredibly tasty. They meat is fresh and has those nice little crispy bits around the edges while staying tender and juicy in the middle. The cheese is melted between the layers in to the meat. The bacon is super crispy but not burnt and the jalapenos gave it such a nice little kick. The guy taking my order was really pushing the sauces, but this is a burger that doesn’t need a sauce. The individual parts are worth savoring.

The cost for my meal was right around $16 before the tip.

I’ve heard so much about Hamburger Mikey from friends but didn’t know when I’d get to Muskegon again to try it. It took about five years but it was worth. Hopefully it doesn’t take me another five years to get back to Muskegon.

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