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Jimmy John’s (Central Business District)

April 28, 2023

  • 232 W. Michigan Avenue
  • Kalamazoo, MI 49007
  • (269) 226-9100
  • Website
  • Menu

To be fair, I did warn you that I was going to start writing blocks about national chains again. I haven’t done it in several years and my opinions on some things has changed. Plus, I just feel like writing a little bit more.

It wasn’t that long ago, I wrote a post about the downtown Subway in Kalamazoo. I’ve worked downtown for about six years now and I had never eaten at that Subway. I don’t particularly love Subway so I don’t go there often anyway but it was something different.

My go to in downtown Kalamazoo has become Jimmy John’s. If you had told 2002 me that I’d be eating at Jimmy John’s more often, he wouldn’t have believed you. I used to loathe the place.

When Jimmy John’s first starting gaining popularity, a lot of places were catering sandwiches. My first few introductions to Jimmy John’s were a couple slices of meat and about three gallons of mayo. It was so gross. Why anyone thinks mayo dripping off a sandwich is appetizing is a mystery to me.

Those early impressions really shaped my views on the sandwich chain. I didn’t eat Jimmy John’s for years. All I could picture was how disgusting the mayo sandwiches were.

I was with a co-worker several years ago who wanted to stop at a Jimmy John’s and I gave in. I knew all along I could customize my order and get it without the mayo but it was hard to get that image out of my mind.

Once I did, I realized the sandwiches were not that bad and most importantly, it was a way to get a quick lunch.

Since Theo & Stacy’s has closed downtown, I’ve been eating more at the downtown Jimmy John’s. The restaurant is on Michigan Avenue west of Rose Street pretty close to where Theo & Stacy’s was. The restaurant is part a two story building that underwent some major renovations a little over a decade ago tucked between the old Theo & Stacy’s building and La Familia.

Not gonna lie. The reason I eat at Jimmy John’s so often is because they have online ordering. That was the reason I ate at Theo & Stacy’s as much as I did too. I loved that restaurant so I wasn’t compromising anything but online ordering made it really easy to get a delicious meal without having to talk to too many people. With Jimmy John’s, I can put my order in online and by the time I walk over there, it’s usually waiting for me.

The restaurant is deeper than it is wide. The kitchen takes up a large portion of the space. There are tables all the way down the hallway leading to the back entrance. Next to the order counter, they have a large metal shelf with letters on it. Online and phone orders are bagged up and put on that shelf according to last name. You don’t even have to even interact with anyone when you walk in. Just grab the sandwich and go.

I have a pretty typical order when I order Jimmy John’s. I always order The Gargantuan. It’s like all the meats. Salami, capocolla, turkey, roast beef, ham, and provolone cheese make up the bulk of the sandwich. The toppings typically included are tomato, lettuce, onion, and mayo. I obviously leave the mayo off but I also scratch the tomato and onions and typically add banana peppers or pickles.

The sandwich is pretty massive which is what I like about it. I don’t always eat it all in one sitting but I like to order this sandwich because I like to taste the meat when I’m eating a sandwich. Don’t get me wrong, the fresh baked bread is pretty fantastic, but I’ve always been a guy who prioritizes meats over veggies. This is the sandwich to do that with.

The cost for The Gargantuan and a 20 oz. bottle of Coke is around $13.

My opinion of Jimmy John’s has obviously changed over the years. It’s still not something I crave but it is a sandwich I enjoy. The ease of online ordering and location close to my work make this a pretty regular stop. I like that I can get something tasty quick and not spend a lot of money.

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