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PJ’s Sandwiches

December 5, 2022

  • 15 Frambes Avenue
  • Columbus, OH 43201
  • (614) 299-2113
  • Website
  • Menu

Yup. On the road again. This time a quick two day trip to Columbus, OH.

I met a collleague in Columbus on Black Friday. She had spent Thanksgiving in Detroit and I spent the evening (after working a full shift) in Sturgis at my in-laws.

Saturday was going to be our long day of work but we still had a few tasks to accomplish Friday afternoon. We met up at our hotel in the southwest part of Columbus then headed downtown together to knock out what we needed to do.

We worked for a couple of hours then had a lull. We were just sitting in a parking lot waiting and I was getting kind of hungry. I had looked at some places to eat before getting to town near the Ohio State campus. College towns always have good food and I wanted to see what I could find that screams Columbus.

There was a sandwich shop not too far from where we were at. I asked my co-worker if she minded if I grabbed something to eat. She said she wasn’t hungry but that shouldn’t stop me.

We headed over to PJ’s Sandwiches on Frambes Avenue near North High Street on the Ohio State Campus. I don’t know much about this campus but High Street looks to be the main commercial district that serves the campus. There are restaurants, bars, and shops up and down this street with what clearly appears to be student apartments all around it. PJ’s was just off High Street right before the street turned into apartments and multi unit housing.

The restaurant didn’t open until 4:00 and it was right around that time that I showed up to grab something. There isn’t much to it inside. It’s a long order counter with some beer and pop coolers all around it. The restaurant also sells cigars and vape pens. It’s clearly the quintessential “soak up the alcohol food” spot you hit after a long night. I mean, there are signs all over that proclaim to be “Home of the Drunk.”

There is a huge list of sandwiches so it took me a few minutes to order. There was a lot to choose from and quite frankly, a lot that sounded good. I eventually settled on a sandwich called the “Fat American.” Their signature is the “Fat” sandwiches which include fries on top of them. The “Fat American” is their take on a cheeseburger and fries.

The sandwich cost around $14 and I took a seat at one of the few tables in the store to wait for it to be made. It only took about ten minutes or so before the bag was being handed over the counter. Since my colleague was still in the car, I just took it and headed back to our parking lot to wait for our next job while I ate.

When we got back to the parking lot we were waiting in, I made a little table on the hood of my car. I assumed this was going to be messy and didn’t want to get anything on my shirt so we went with the Chicago Italian beef lean over the hood.

The Fat American is a sub sandwich with two hamburger patties, a hot dog, bacon, American cheese, mac & cheese, fries, ketchup, and mustard. The sandwich is huge and the mess I expected it to be.

There’s nothing super special about this sandwich. The fries are frozen fries, the burger patties are frozen patties, the mac & cheese is meh…but that’s not the point. It’s the combination of food all put in to one sandwich that gives this a unique taste. Is it stunt food? Yeah, but it’s college drunk stunt food. It’s the kind of sandwich you look at your buddy at two in the morning after a few shots and say, “I’m hungry.” I even tried to get a good cross section of this sandwich and even without all the fries, all you see is a mess of meat and bread. It’s not something that’s pretty to look at but it’s surprisingly good in all it’s messy glory.

PJ’s Sandwiches is exactly what I expected it to be. I remember something similar when I used to visit friends at the University of Illinois in Champaign. Obviously, then I was going after a night of drinking so maybe this brought back some memories for me. PJ’s isn’t gourmet or world changing cuisine…it’s just good stuff and the kind of sandwich you long for after you’ve moved on from college in to the real world.

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