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Iggy’s Eggies

November 24, 2022

  • 34 W. Grand River Avenue
  • Detroit, MI 48226
  • (313) 986-1174
  • Website
  • Menu

I’m not a big “hotel breakfast” kind of guy. I love the idea and when I’m with my kids, I’ll usually just suffer through it, but let’s be honest, hotel breakfast is not good.

I was in Detroit for an overnight work trip a few weeks ago. I actually stayed at Motor City Casino because it was surprisingly the cheapest hotel downtown that night. My co-worker booked his room too late and ended up having to stay somewhere else so when I got up Wednesday morning, I was on my own for breakfast.

I didn’t even look at the Motor City options because I assumed they’d be too expensive and really not worth the price. I went looking for something else instead.

I happened to find the absolutely perfect breakfast joint. Quick service, delicious sandwiches, and lots of ways to customize.

Iggy’s Eggies is a walk up window on Grand River Avenue and Griswold Street in downtown Detroit. The restaurant is part of Lovers Only (which is not a pornography store…I swear…it’s a burger joint). The walk up window was added a few years ago to as a place to quickly grab something to eat.

Parking downtown is always fun…but it’s like that in any city. I actually found a spot around the corner on Woodward and walked back. This spot really isn’t a spot you drive to for breakfast. It’s more of a spot for downtown workers to quickly grab something to eat on their way to the office or on a break.

The menu is simple. Breakfast sandwiches. It’s hanging in the window next to the order window. There are a few side options as well as coffee but for the most part, you’re looking at breakfast sandwiches.

There were a couple of construction workers in front of me which gave me a little time to make a decision. I decided to get two Original Eggies sandwiches and made them both a little different. Both come with choice of bread, a “jammy-yolk egg, and Iggy sauce.

The first one I ordered was on a Fresh Baked Biscuit with bacon and White Cheddar. The biscuit was a perfect Southern buttermilk biscuit. It was light, fluffy, and crumbled when I picked it up. The egg yolk was solid but it was still soft and kind of gelatinous. It wasn’t quite soft but far from hard. This sandwich is like a McDonalds Bacon Egg and Cheese biscuit but so much better…so much so I hate even comparing it to that but it kind of is…but sooooo much better.

The second sandwich I did an English Muffin with Griddled Ham and White Cheddar. I just really like white cheddar so I did it on both sandwiches. The English Muffin was much easier to eat and a lot less messy. The ham was a really thick slice with some good char marks on it. These two sandwiches were seriously like the best examples of what a breakfast sandwich should be. I’m not sure what the Iggy Sauce is. I didn’t really taste it or notice it on either sandwich. If it was there, it was working in the background

The total for the two sandwiches was right around $10. It’s a really cheap grab and go option in the morning.

If I worked anywhere near Iggy’s Eggies I would likely stop for breakfast three times a week. These are high quality, insanely delicious breakfast sandwiches but they’re just as quick as a fast food joint.

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