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Matty’s Pizza

November 21, 2022

  • 6800 Eastman Avenue 
  • Midland, MI 48642
  • (989) 835-7002
  • Website
  • No Online Menu

Every mall food court has a pizza place.  When I was a teenager in the ’90’s, I always loved going to my local mall to not only check out the latest styles at The Buckle or Foot Locker but for the food court pizza.  

We were in Midland a couple of weeks ago for a figure skating competition.  As I explained in my last blog post, our plan was to have a team dinner at Old Chicago but Old Chicago gave away our reservation and wasn’t able to accommodate a large group without a reservation….which we had but they gave it to another group thinking it was us without ever asking for a name when the other group came in.  

Anyway, we ended up at Midland Mall across the street because there was no way we were going to get in to any restaurant on a Saturday night with 25 people.  

Going to the mall actually worked out really well.  There was a wide variety of choice and plenty of room for our large group.  

I actually ordered my meal from the BBQ stand but J and L were going for pizza so I asked them to pick me up a slice of that as well.  

Matty’s Pizza is one of about half a dozen restaurants at the Midland Mall.  The mall is on Eastman Drive near US-10 on the north side of Midland.  The food court is pretty easy to find from the outside.  If you take a right when you come in the main entrance, you can easily spot the food court with the “MENU” sign hanging above the door.  

Matty’s Pizza looks like typical food court pizza. It’s one of five places in the food court serving up their food cafeteria style.

There is a number of ready made pies under warming lamps that they then throw in to the oven to heat back up. Sbarro was always the dominate player in food court pizza. Matty’s took over their spot when they left and the business model is pretty similar.

I told J to grab me a slice of pepperoni then I went and ordered my BBQ from Olvera’s next door. J and and L both got themselves a slice pizza alongside a salad. The cost for three slices and the salads was right around $20.

The slice of pizza is about what you expect from food court pizza. It’s a comes from a pretty large pie so the slice is big. The slice I got was a NY style thin crust so it has that really good handle to snap over and eat like a sandwich. The pizza itself was tasty. Nothing super fancy but it brought back a ton of memories of hanging with my friends at the food court before heading to the arcade to play The Simpsons or Mortal Kombat.

We were all pretty made Old Chicago screwed up our evening plans but this worked out really well. There are five really different types of places in the food court so everyone from the vegetarians to the carnivores like myself were happy. Matty’s Pizza continues that tradition of food court pizza. Quick and tasty.

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