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Berries Famous Pancake House

July 19, 2022

  • 4311 S. Westnedge Avenue
  • Kalamazoo, MI 49008
  • (269) 443-2258
  • No Known Website
  • Menu

I was bummed when Theo and Stacy’s closed their Westnedge location a couple years ago. They went from three locations in the area to just the downtown one over the course of a few years.

The building they were in for so many years is on the very busy Westnedge Avenue but it’s tucked in right on the edge of the neighborhood. It has always been a great place for a breakfast location so when a new breakfast joint took it’s place, I got really excited to get there.

I had an unexpected Friday off a few weeks ago. J’s off the whole month of July so she and the kids are home. The kids have been asking to go out to breakfast for quite a while and since we were all home with nothing really to do, it sounded like a good opportunity for us to check this place out.

Berries Famous Pancake House opened just a few weeks ago at the corner of South Westnedge and Pratt Road where Theo & Stacy’s used to be in the South Westnedge Neighborhood. There was quite a bit of work done at the restaurant before they opened but the outside of the building and the parking lot surround it look the same as they always have.

The layout of the restaurant is the same. There are two dining rooms with tables packed in to every available inch. There was quite a bit of work done in each of the dining room updating floors, furniture and wall coverings. The old restaurant had kind of an 80’s diner feel to it. The tile flooring, neutral gray walls, and modernized lighting brings the space in to the new millennium.

We were seated in the elevated dining room to the left of the entrance. This is the area that can be closed off for private parties but even on a Friday morning, Berries was pretty packed so they were using every available table to get everyone in.

The menu is what you’d expect from a breakfast joint. It’s a little fancier than what Theo & Stacy’s was and, of course, focuses on those “famous” pancakes.

I didn’t get pancakes. I got the Eggs Benedict instead. There are a couple of Benedicts to choose from but I’m a simple guy who loves the classic Benedict. English muffin, ham, poached eggs, and that creamy hollandaise sauce. This was a simple, solid, delicious Eggs Benedict. The plate came with hash browns and while there was a lot of them, they were pretty soft in the middle. I ate the crunchy bits on the top and around the side but left quite a few on my plate.

J ordered the Fresh Strawberry Waffle. Another simple but delicious option. The large waffle comes with sliced strawberries, powdered sugar and whipped cream on top. She added on a side to get a little meat.

L also went for a waffle ordering the Waffle with Cinnamon Glazed Apples. She went a little out of her comfort zone here to try something different. She likes apples and cinnamon so she figured she’d like them on a waffle. I think she liked all the parts separately but didn’t really know how to eat it all together. It was pretty sweet. She also got bacon on the side because that girl really likes bacon.

B was the only one who got pancakes. He was really excited to ask the waitress for a pancake with chocolate chips. I’m not sure if it was actually on the menu or not but she brought him a chocolate chip pancake. There were two big, fluffy pancakes with chocolate chips and powdered sugar on the plate. I broke them up and added a little syrup and he went to town. B also got bacon on the side because my family really, really likes their bacon.

The cost for our meal was a little over $60 before the tip and it’s paid at the cash register back by the entrance.

Berries Famous Pancake House is a great addition to the breakfast scene in Kalamazoo. Theo and Stacy’s was such a loss for this side of town but Berries fills that hole nicely.

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