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Cicero’s Pizza (Interlochen)

June 11, 2022

Welp. It took two years, but it finally happened.

L had a figure skating competition in Traverse City a few weeks ago. It was supposed to be a family trip. We had rented an AirbNb and we were going to stay a few nights and enjoy Northern Michigan.

That was the plan anyway.

I spent the week in Mackinac Island for work. Thursday morning, J texted. She didn’t feel well and the COVID test came back positive. She isolated as much as she could from the kids, wore a KN95 around the house and cleaned everything.

Obviously, the trip to Traverse City was a no-go for her but I was gone all week and the kids had just got their booster shots two weeks prior so we were hopeful the rest of us could avoid it. We tested L every morning and no one else showed any symptoms.

We had made the plan that I would still take the kids and keep testing them. We really didn’t want L to miss this competition.

J’s mom ended up asking if we’d like to leave B with them. That way he could still go to his T-Ball game. I didn’t mind taking him but he’d have more fun with Nana and Grandpa at the lake. We told him he could take his Switch so he could play Fortnite so he was on board with that too.

As soon as L got home from school on Friday, her and I jumped in the car and started driving north. I had already booked a cabin in Interlochen when I thought it was all four of us and since it couldn’t be cancelled, she and I headed that way.

We got to Grand Traverse County around 7:30. L was in the backseat with her earbuds in not paying attention to me when I asked if she was hungry. I didn’t care what she thought anyway. I was hungry and I pulled off the road to look up pizza places near Interlochen.

I found a couple and since we were about a half hour away, I called the one closest to our cabin in hopes it would be ready when we got there.

My choice was Cicero’s Pizza right on the southside of this small unincorporated community. The restaurant is a standalone building on M-137 (J. Maddy Parkway) just north of Railroad Street. M-137 is still a pretty fast road and I almost missed it, but there’s a sign out front and a pretty large parking lot next to the building that caught my attention.

Cicero’s kind of looks like it used to be a sit down restaurant but that doesn’t appear to be the case anymore. There’s a order counter right inside the door and the rest of the space appears to be closed off with old tables, chairs, and equipment piled up behind some curtains.

I gave the kid working the counter my name then he went back in the kitchen to find my boxes. I had ordered a medium pepperoni pizza and an order of Vinnie Bread. The cost for the two boxes was a little over $32 before tip.

We headed to our cabin on Bass Lake before we broke in to the boxes. I carried them in on the first trip and when I came back with our bags, L was already standing at the table devouring the Vinnie Bread.

The Vinnie Bread is a type of cheese bread with Mozzarella, bacon, Parmesan cheese, and a garlic butter crust. L said she didn’t know what the little bits of bacon were when she first bit in but she was hungry and didn’t care. Once I told her it was bacon, she went back and grabbed three more pieces. The Vinnie Bread was really good. It came with marinara and ranch to dip it in but while it’s hot, it’s better on it’s own. I went back the marinara the next morning when I was eating it cold.

The pizza was a pretty standard take out type pizza. Nothing really stood out to me but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t delicious. I think we wee both so in to the Vinnie Bread that the pizza became an after thought. The two of us ate about half the pizza Friday night before bed then I snacked on it for breakfast Saturday and Sunday morning….which is what I usually do when we order our Friday night pizzas.

The weekend got off to a disappointing start when we had to leave mom at home but L and I still had a good time. We were still able to do our Friday Night pizza thing and we found a pretty good pizza place in a town we’ve never been to before. I know a lot of people spend their weekends at the lakes in the area and having a solid pizza place like Cicero’s nearby is always good for a quick, easy, delicious dinner.

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  1. Deb Phipps permalink
    June 12, 2022 7:46 am

    Best service ever! I love their BLT pizza, however my husband not so much. So I ordered a meat lover’s pizza, I was chatting with the gal as I ordered and told her how I loved the BLT pizza, but just ordered what my husband prefered. When I went to pick up the pizza, they made me a BLT pizza on the house!! Such nice people.

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