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Burke’s Waterfront

June 11, 2022

  • 2403 Sunnyside Drive
  • Cadillac, MI 49601
  • (231) 775-7555
  • Website
  • Menu

We really didn’t have to stay in Interlochen Saturday night.

This was supposed to be a big mini vacation but J came down with COVID the day we were supposed to leave. L and I went ahead with the trip to Traverse City for her ice skating competition but we really didn’t do anything outside of that. I suggested ice cream. I suggested hiking. I suggested the beach. She didn’t want to do any of that with me.

We headed back to the cabin in Interlochen after our team meal at The Little Fleet in downtown Traverse City. L asked if we could just go home but I had already paid for this AirBnB and really, I thought J could use one more night by herself to recover without us being home.

We had to be out of the cabin by 10 AM Sunday morning. L wanted to get back to Kalamazoo for open skate at Wings West anyway so I set my alarm for 8:30, cleaned up, got her up and we got on the road.

We both had a slice of leftover pizza from our Friday night pizza stop at Cicero’s Pizza but that was all we had for breakfast. I didn’t do much planning. I figured if we were going to stop, we’d find something along the way.

It wasn’t until we got back to Cadillac until I saw a restaurant…and it looked packed so I kept going hoping I’d run into another one. Sure enough, I did.

I interrupted L who was doing something on her phone in the backseat with her earbuds in. I asked if she was hungry and she said she was just about to say something after seeing a McDonalds. I asked if she wanted to stop for breakfast and I got an enthusiastic yes.

We stopped at Burke’s Waterfront on Sunnyside Drive on the southwest side of the city. The address says Sunnyside Drive but you pass it on M-55 just north of the interchange with US-131 between Lake Cadillac and Lake Mitchell.

The restaurant has been around since 1956 (owned by the current family since 1982) and it kind of feels like. There are separate dining rooms for what likely used to be smoking and non-smoking. There’s a lot of wood paneling and soft white light. The dining area is pretty spacious so we didn’t feel like we were sitting on top of anyone.

We chose a two person booth along the huge windows that let in a lot of light and overlook Lake Cadillac. There’s a great outdoor dining space along the water but it was a little chilly and a little rainy on the day we stopped in.

At one point while we were waiting for our food, L looked at me and said, “There’s a bird staring at you.” She wasn’t wrong.

The menu at Burke’s Waterfront is pretty typical breakfast. I had to make a choice between the Eggs Benedict and the Sirloin and Eggs. I chose the Benedict.

The Eggs Benedict came come either classic or Cajun. I stuck to classic. The plate is grilled English muffins with soft poached eggs, smoked ham, a hollandaise, and a little paprika to top it off alongside some really delicious, crispy, golden brown hash browns. This is the kind of meal I love at a restaurant. I can’t do this at home so I always take advantage when I see a Benedict on the menu. The eggs were so gooey and runny and it just made a wonderful mixture with the hollandaise.

Breakfast is L’s favorite meal of the day even if she doesn’t go fancy.

She picked the 1 Egg and Toast meal then added bacon. She got white toast and her eggs scrambled. She doesn’t always eat eggs but ate about half of them. She devoured the toast and the bacon which isn’t surprising to anyone that has ever eaten breakfast with her.

Our bill for breakfast was right around $23 before tip.

Breakfast is the one meal that I can always count on my kids eating. I was a little surprised when L said she wanted to stop but I took advantage of it. I wasn’t super hungry but eating breakfast with the kids is the most fun we have at a restaurant. No fighting. Very little wasted food.

We’ve passed Burke’s Waterfront anytime we go to Traverse City. I’ve always thought it looked like a cool location. I thought right. It is. Great views, good food, and a classic road side diner atmosphere.

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