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Greco’s Pizza

April 27, 2022

  • 5380 Division Avenue South
  • Grand Rapids, MI 49548
  • (616) 530-8500
  • Website
  • Menu

My plans never work out the way they’re supposed to.

L had an ice skating competition in Dearborn this past weekend. Our plan was to get up Saturday morning and drive over. Then, we got the schedule. Her first event was at 7:30 AM. There was no way we were going to make her get up at 4 AM to get to Dearborn.

We found a reasonably priced hotel not too far from the ice arena. Our plan then was to drive over Friday night after I got off work. Well…..I was forced to work in Grand Rapids which means an hour commute home…meaning we wouldn’t even leave Kalamazoo until sometime around 8:00. That’s still way too late.

J decided she was just going to take L by herself. We hate dragging B to these things anyway because they’re long days. J’s parents came up to our house to watch B until I was able to get home while J and L left for Dearborn when L got home from school around 4:30.

That mean I was on my own for dinner. I never actually made it in to the office near downtown. My work site was kind of the southeast side of town.

For years I have passed small pizza places in this part of Grand Rapids/Kentwood but I’ve never ordered from them. Now seemed like a good time to pick one.

I did a Google search and looked at pictures. Which place I had the kind of pizza that I liked and which offered online ordering?

I chose Greco’s Pizza on South Division and Kellogg Woods Drive/54th Street. The pizza place is in a strip mall on the northwest corner of the intersection accessible from both Kellogg Woods Drive and Division Street.

The restaurant is a little bigger than I thought it would be. It has the typical counter service style set up most pizza places use. The counter fronts the kitchen so you can see all the craziness of a Friday night pizza dinner rush. If you didn’t order ahead of time, their fairly large menu is displayed on a series of TV screens hanging above the cash register.

Unlike most carry-out pizza places, Greco’s Pizza also has a pretty large dine-in area. They do a lunch buffet during the week which puts butts in those seats. The decor is much cleaner and much more upscale than you typically see in pizza joints with tile floors and matching table and chairs.

I used UberEats to put in my order and it was ready by the time I got there. The cost for Cheesy Breadsticks and 16″ Southsider pizza was a little over $32 which I paid for in the app.

I popped open the box to the Cheesy Breadsticks when I got back to the car thinking I would eat a few while I was sitting in the parking lot. Turns out, I ate almost the whole box before I got back to US-131 to head south.

The Cheesy Breadsticks were pretty great. They are what they say they are. Breadsticks with a ton of golden brown cheese on top. The breadsticks come with a dipping sauce of marinara but I didn’t even touch it. These breadsticks were really good on their own. I think I left two or three in the box because I didn’t want to be that guy that eats a whole box of breadsticks…but yeah, I definitely could have if I wanted to.

I also grabbed a slice of the Southsider pizza before heading home just because I wanted to see what it tasted like hot. I’m a big fan of warm or cold pizza but fresh out of the oven is a different flavor.

The Southsider is salami, pepperoni, sausage, Romano cheese, mozzarella, marinara and Italian seasoning. I also added jalapenos because…well, I like jalapenos. The pizza is a pretty standard carry-out pizza as far as the size of the crust. This pizza could have used a little more sauce and a little more cheese but it was quite tasty. The cornicione on this pizza was quite large. I ended up using the sauce from the breadsticks to dip it in so all that extra bread wouldn’t go to waste.

I think I made a pretty solid choice with Greco’s Pizza. I’m more of a thin crust guy but as far as carry-out/delivery pizza goes, this pizza is pretty darn good. The Cheesy Breadsticks are really what won me over about this place but the pizza isn’t something to ignore.

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  1. Frank permalink
    April 28, 2022 9:58 am

    They make a pretty decent pizza, that’s for sure. They permanently lost my business, however, when the owner started letting some a**hole who “teaches” people how to carry concealed weapons leave piles of his business cards on the counter. Real classy.

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