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Rollup Ice Cream and Tea (Comstock Township)

April 11, 2022

  • 5907 Gull Road 
  • Kalamazoo, MI 49048
  • (269) 254-8652
  • Website
  • Menu

My daughter is at the age where I’m trying to expose her to as many sports as I can.  I’m never going to push her in to anything but I want her to try things to see if she likes it.  

Right now, ice skating is all she wants to talk about.  She was just getting good at soccer but she’s over that.  Softball is just starting up.  There’s still some interest there but I think that will probably fade as the season moves on.  

She’s pretty tall for her age.  She’s head and shoulders above almost everyone in her class…including the boys.  I was that way too.  I was tall until my sophomore year of high school then everyone else caught up.  

We tried to talk her in to play basketball last winter but she had no interest.  About two weeks after signups ended, all of a sudden she wanted to play.  

I haven’t had the chance to introduce her to volleyball yet.   I loved playing volleyball growing up despite there never being any boys teams for me to play on.  

Premier Athletics ran a volleyball clinic last week to try to drum up interest in their spring season.  I signed L up without really asking her.  I just wanted her to give it a try.  

The clinic was on Thursday night at Haven Reformed Church on Gull Road.  The timing worked out where J could drop her off and I would go pick her up.  

The clinic ran until 7:30 which gave me a little over an hour after I got off work.  I was hungry and I don’t get out to that side of town very often so I started looking at my options.  

I chose to go to Rollup Ice Cream and Tea.  Not because I was going to eat ice cream for dinner.  I mean, I’m an adult…I totally could have.  But they also have some really delicious chicken sandwiches on their menu.  

Rollup Ice Cream and Tea in Comstock Township is on Gull Road near 26th Street.  It’s in the same shopping center with Penn Station Subs and Qdoba across from Meijer.  Before Rollup moved in, the restaurant was a Peachwave.  

I decided just to go in an order. This is the third Rollup Ice Cream location in the Kalamazoo area although the original location on Stadium Drive closed some time ago. Like the Portage location, the Gull Road location has fried chicken sandwiches, something Stadium never had.

The restaurant has a large order counter right in front when you walk in. The various menus (tea, ice cream, chicken, wraps, and salads) or off to the right of the cash register. The rest of the counter is where the roll up ice cream is made. It’s a cool process and if you’ve never had rollup ice cream, you need to try. I detail the process in my other two blogs.

The other side is the seating area. There a little over a half a dozen tables. Some people just use the to wait for food but others were sitting down to enjoy their ice cream before rushing out of the door.

I put in an order for the Chicken Sandwich Combo. I got it spicy because I like spicy. The chicken is all white meat and hand battered. It’s topped with Rollup sauce and pickles then served on a potato roll. Popeyes really made the chicken sandwich desirable but so many other places have done it better. Rollup is one of those places. The chicken is so crunchy but yet still super juicy and tender. The rollup sauce I believe is supposed to be a kind of spicy mayo but it’s not overly powerful. This is almost a perfect fried chicken sandwich. It’s not too big that things start to get sloppy and messy but it’s big enough to leave you feeling like you had a solid meal.

The combo comes with Seasoned Scoop Fries. These things are wild. They’re thin sliced potatoes that kind of form a scoop when they are fried. The seasoning is mostly salt but that’s alright. They’re a little more limp than crispy but overall these are really good fries.

My bill for this quick dinner was just a little over $12.

We kept hoping the Stadium location would get the fryers that Portage has so we could get some of this chicken closer to home. That obviously didn’t happen since the Stadium location is now closed.

That’s too bad really. This chicken is so good. Both Portage and Comstock are a little too far from where we live to eat at Rollup often but we do still like to take trips to get ice cream from time to time. We’ll just have to take a trip to get ice cream…..and chicken.

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