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Ruby’s Sandwich Shoppe

March 31, 2022

  • 110 E. Michigan Avenue
  • Paw Paw, MI 49079
  • (269) 415-0120
  • Website
  • Menu

I don’t love working by myself. Typically, it’s me and another guy working out of our Kalamazoo office but occasionally, he gets pulled up to Grand Rapids or he just has a day off and I end up working alone.

The days I’m alone are typically easier days. There are things he does that I don’t do so I’m limited in what I can actually do. I can still have a productive day but it’s not usually as labor intensive.

The last time I worked alone was a week ago Monday. My assignment for the evening was in Hartford so I headed west and took my time.

I don’t like working alone but I do like driving alone. I like putting on a podcast, rolling down the windows, and taking the back roads to places. Best of all, I like finding a place to stop for lunch without having to worry about anyone else’s dining opinions.

This particular night I decided to take Red Arrow Highway to Hartford. I had plenty of time and I figured I’d look for dinner along the way.

I pretty much knew what I was going to do. There’s a sandwich shop in Paw Paw I’ve driven by a few times and wondered why I’ve never actually stopped in for a sandwich.

Ruby’s Sandwich Shoppe is in downtown Paw Paw on Michigan Avenue near the intersection with Gremps Street. The very small shop is painted a bright red so it’s easy to spot as you drive through town. The building has a non restaurant history. It was a jewelry store about a decade ago then it became a trophy shop before this quaint little sandwich shop moved in.

There is street parking but there’s also a large municipal lot behind the building. I didn’t realize it at the it but there’s a door in the back of the building if you park in the lot of Gremps Street.

The small shop really isn’t much more than an order counter and a deli case where all the meats are stored. I could have ordered online but I figured it was a sandwich shop so it shouldn’t take too long if I just stop in and place an order at the counter.

I put in an order for the 2 Pig sandwich. The cost was right around $8. The shop was getting close to closing time so there wasn’t very many orders in front of me but they did have a couple of online orders they were filling when I walked in. I took a seat on one of the red metal pub chairs along the counter at the front window. This is the only seat except for a few outside options if you’re looking to dine in.

It didn’t take long to get my sandwich. I opted to head back to car and just eat in the parking lot. On the days I do decide to eat lunch, this is pretty much how I eat. I always have a bottle of Pepsi in the car so I don’t have to worry about drinks.

The 2 Pig is ham and bacon (two meats that come from pigs) on multigrain bread with provolone, sharp cheddar, lettuce, tomato, and Ruby’s sauce. No idea what the sauce is other than it’s clearly mayo based. The sandwich is quite hearty with a good pile of meat both on top of and underneath the veggies. Sauces always kind of turn me off because so many people feel the need to put half a gallon of whatever type of mayo they’re using on each slice of bread. Not the case here. The sauce was a thin layer that actually complimented the rest of the sandwich instead of overpowering it.

Ruby’s Sandwich Shoppe is exactly what it claims to be….a sandwich shoppe. What makes a good sandwich is so subjective but whatever you think makes a good sandwich, it always centers around quality ingredients. Ruby’s could be simple but it’s more than that. They use quality meats and breads and that shines through in each bite. It’s not fancy….nor is it a mega chain sub shop. Ruby’s Sandwich Shoppe is a simple, delicious place to grab a sandwich on the go that is going to leave you satisfied.

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