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Aunt Polly’s Pizza

March 21, 2022

  • 5339 English Avenue
  • Indianapolis, IN 46219
  • (317) 638-3663
  • Website
  • Menu

Our first day in Indianapolis was a long one.  I left Kalamazoo at 4:30 AM and got to my hotel on the northeast side of town right around 10:30.  We had spent the majority of our day at Gaingridge Fieldhouse downtown for the Big Ten Basketball Tournament.  

My co-worker was actually staying at a different hotel than I was but they were close to each other.  I dropped her off and started looking for late night food options.  There was some fast food in the area but I found a pizza place open until after midnight that had good reviews and wasn’t too far away.  Guess what I chose to eat?

Aunt Polly’s Pizza is on English Avenue near Brookville Road in Indianapolis’ Glenroy Village Neighborhood.  The small pizza joint is part of an old row of brick buildings near the odd intersection.  There was no place to park on English Avenue that I could see so I went past, turned around, and parking on nearby Irvington Avenue. 

Aunt Polly’s doesn’t have online ordering so I had to call in my order the old fashioned way. I ordered a large pepperoni and Italian sausage pizza and an order of breadsticks with extra nacho cheese. I didn’t expect to eat it all that night but I had a long drive back to Kalamazoo the following night after a day of work so I wanted extra to eat on the car ride home.

I walked in to the restaurant about 20 minutes after I had called in my order. The pizza shop is carry-out only. There’s a small counter just inside the door. The small waiting area is used mostly for storing pop.

I gave the employee working the counter my name. She turned around and grabbed a pizza box and a bag of breadsticks off the top of the oven. The meal cost me $26 before tip.

I headed back to my hotel room to check in and eat dinner. I started with the breadsticks first.. They were pretty simple long, doughy breadsticks but there was enough nacho cheese included to make these breadsticks outstanding. Nacho cheese with breadsticks is definitely something we don’t see in Michigan very often but it’s popular at a pizza place I went to quite often growing up in Illinois. If you’re at all familiar with Monical’s Pizza, these breadsticks had a real Monical’s vibe. Simple but tasty.

The pizza was pretty tasty also. The large pizza had a fairly sweet sauce and was covered in chunks of Italian sausage. The pizza is cut in to squares….the way I like pizza to be cut. I typically like this type of cut more with thin crust pizzas but it works for this delivery style pizza too. I was pretty hungry and ate about half the pizza before finally calling it a night and passing out while watching Rick and Morty reruns on Adult Swim.

I was looking for something quick and easy after a long day of work and I found that. Not only did I find quick and easy but tasty too. The pizza nor the restaurant look like much but it’s a solid, delicious pizza

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