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Wingstop (Wyoming)

March 3, 2022

  • 1633 28th Street SW, Suite A
  •  Wyoming, MI 49519
  • (616) 266-9464
  • Website
  • Menu

I volunteered to cover for a co-worker in Grand Rapids on a Saturday night.  I don’t do that often.  My weekends are usually pretty busy.  I didn’t have anything going on that particular Saturday night so I said I’d take this shift knowing that it’s going to be a while before I’d be able to fill in on a weekend shift again.  

I didn’t really comprehend what my colleague for that night was telling me.  He made an appointment in Kalamazoo and was planning on meeting me here.  I missed the Kalamazoo part and showed up in Grand Rapids about an hour before our scheduled appointment.  We had plenty of time to make it back but it kind of threw off my night.  

We did what we had to do in Kalamazoo then headed back to Grand Rapids. I was getting hungry but I felt like we were running behind and didn’t want to stop to find food.  

I spent the rest of my shift trying to supress my hunger with Pepsi from the vending machine.  It sort of worked but I was still pretty hungry.  

I tried to find something that would be open late.  My shift ended at 11 and finding something for a quick grab and go at that time of night wasn’t easy.  

My parents were in town and they were actually at Gun Lake Casino for the evening since I was at work.  I texted them to see if they wanted to meet there and eat the restaurant there but they said it was a two hour wait and the restaurant closed at midnight.  They couldn’t get a table.  

I was getting a little desperate and had resigned myself to the realization I was probably going to be eating McDonalds for dinner…then I thought of something that wasn’t coming up in Google searches.  

Wingstop is on the corner of 28th Street and Burlingame Avenue in Wyoming’s business core.  The business is part of a strip mall on the northwest corner.  It’s not very big but it’s open until midnight and they have online ordering.  

I put in an order for 15 classic wings (8 garlic parm, 7 original hot.) I made it a combo by adding on large seasoned fries with cajun seasoning. I did the order online so by the time I drove from the office to 28th Street, my order was sitting on a rack behind the walk up order counter with a number of other orders for people who also needed late night wings.

The wings were going to have to wait until I got home but the first I could handle while making my way back down US-131.

The fries were actually kind of surprising. They were skin on fries that had that nice greasy look you get from fresh potatoes. I adde the cajun seasoning which gave the fries a little bit of a kick but not much heat.

I didn’t realize that my wife had some friends over to hang out until I got home and saw cars in my driveway. I didn’t bring enough to share so I slinked back to the corner of the kitchen table and tried to hide what I brought home.

I started with Garlic Parmesan wings first. I did the mixed wings so I got both drummies and flats. The wings were pretty decently sized and were crispy and juicy. The garlic parm seasoning was a butter garlic sauce with parmesan cheese so it wasn’t very thick. The wings definitely had more of a parmesan flavor to them than a garlic one but the garlic was was in the background.

The Original Hot wings were pretty traditional Buffalo wings. Again, a good mix of flats and drums. The sauce was coated on their pretty heavily. It wasn’t very hot though. It had that good Buffalo-y, peppery flavor but there wasn’t a lot of heat. I could have went hotter.

I was looking for a solid late night meal and that’s what I got from Wing Stop. The wings were crispy and juicy while the fries were a surprise star to the meal. Pretty sure this is only the second time I’ve eaten at Wingstop so I didn’t really have much as far as expectations going. The meal was solid. This location in Wyoming is the closest to us in Kalamazoo so I won’t be going there often but I’d stop again if I was in the area.

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  1. March 4, 2022 3:14 pm

    We came after a comedy show at Devos hall at about 11 pm getting ready to drive back to Muskegon it was hot and fresh but the taste was 🤢 and the staff wasn’t very knowledgeable about the product….. won’t be back!!!!

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