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Crumbl Cookies (Oshtemo Township)

January 18, 2022

  • 5097 Century Avenue, Suite B
  • Kalamazoo, MI 49006
  • (269) 8885427
  • Website
  • Menu

It’s taken a while but a lot of the things promised to us when the homes and trees were cleared off Century Avenue so a Costco could be built are taking shape.

For such a long time, we had Costco, a bunch of empty storefronts, and multiple banks. We were promised food and shopping. It’s been slow going but there are actually quite a few food options and some pretty good shopping.

One store we’ve been patiently waiting for is Crumbl Cookies. The sign went up probably last spring on the storefront between MOD Pizza and Chowhound right off Century Drive but for the longest time, it was just an empty storefront. No was being done. Trust me. We checked every time we went to MOD.

Finaly, we saw a “Grand Opening” sign. J wasted no time stopping to get cookies one night and holy cow were they good. I wasn’t with her that night, so no blog….but L and I went ice skating this past weekend and once we got done, I asked if she wanted to stop and get cookies for J and B.

Crumbl Cookies is in the Corner@Drake shopping plaza on the corner of Drake Road and Stadium Drive. The building is on Century Avenue which cuts between Drake Road and Michigan Avenue. The deep, narrow storefront has pretty much been empty since the shopping center was built.

I was really hesitant when we pulled up and I could a throng of people inside. L assured me it went pretty fast so I took her word for it and opened the door in to a lobby almost overflowing with people.

This is where Crumbl is really going to get extra points from me. You don’t have to stand in that line. You can order from a kiosk without every talking to anyone and essentially skip all those people that, for some reason, needed a person to take their order.

I put in my order for six cookies and paid with the credit card reader right next to it. L and I backed out of the line and went to the pick up area where we could watch cookies being made. It literally took less than five minutes for someone to come out of the back with a pink box and ask if everything looked right.

L and I headed home with the surprise for L and B. The six cookies cost $20 so it’s not a cheap treat but it is a delicious one.

The thing with Crumbl is their menu changes every week. They always have a chocolate chip cookie and a sugar cookie but all the fun flavors rotate.

I’m super boring, as you know, and don’t like fun, so I got two chocolate chip cookies. One for myself and one for everyone else.

I also got the sugar cookie because who doesn’t like sugar cookies? I also got the Cinnamon Swirl…which is also a Sugar Cookie. It’s topped with cinnamon sugar and a swirl of cream cheese frosting.

The other two cookies were ones J was really excited to try. One was a Frozen Hot Chocolate. It’s a cold cocoa cookie topped with hot chocolate flavored mouse and mini marshmallows. The last cookie was a Neapolitan. This cookie is actually two cookies. It’s a chocolate and a vanilla stacked on top of each other then topped with a tart strawberry frosting.

Crumble Cookies is an indulgence. The cookies are really delicious. They actually sell a cookie cutter that we’ve been suckered in to buying that cuts the cookies in to four equal pieces….that way everyone can try all of them….and you really do want to try all of them.

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  1. Dan Dailey permalink
    January 19, 2022 7:21 am

    We love the crumbl cookies…I tried the mint chocolate chip and it was amazing

  2. Thom Cooper permalink
    January 19, 2022 9:24 am

    Wow, aren’t you superior to “all those people that, for some reason, needed a person to take their order.” Perhaps people like to have the human interaction aspect, or have questions, as it is a new business.

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