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Russo’s Pizzeria (Dorr)

January 3, 2022

  • 1730 142nd Avenue
  • Dorr, MI 49323
  • (616) 681-9724
  • Website
  • Menu

I had a pretty easy holiday break. I was scheduled to take vacation time the week between Christmas and New Year’s but an opportunity for a trip to Miami came up during the week so I asked to move my vacation time to the week before Christmas.

There was a problem with giving me Thursday off because of staffing issues. That was fine. I took Monday-Wednesday off, worked Thursday, Friday through Monday off then flew out to Miami on Tuesday.

That one day I ended up working I had to work in Grand Rapids.

I texted J and asked if we wanted to make Thursday pizza night instead of Friday. Friday was Christmas Eve so we assumed most places wouldn’t be open. I got sent home a little early due to the drive so I offered to pick up a couple of pizzas on my way home.

I picked Russo’s Pizzeria in Dorr. I stopped at the Hopkins location a while back and really liked the pizza I got. I realized on that trip to Hopkins that there was a location in Dorr which is much more convenient on a drive between Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo.

Russo’s Pizzeria Dorr location is on 142nd Street just after you come in to where the unincorporated community of Dorr sorta begins from the east. The restaurant shares a building with the Short Stop Party Store near the intersection of 142nd and Joan Drive.

I put my order in online before I left Grand Rapids. When I walked in to the small counter service area of the store, they told me the pizzas were just about ready to come out of the oven.

The restaurant not only shares a building with the party store but they’re really inside the party store. Russo’s has it’s own entrance on the west side of the building but there is no separation inside from the party store. You could pick up a pizza then go grab some drinks to enjoy with dinner if you felt inclined.

I waited less than five minutes after I sat down at one of the stools in the small waiting area. My three boxes were stacked up and handed over to me then I headed home to a hungry family.

My order was two 14″ pizzas and a large order of breadsticks.

I did not need the large order of breadsticks but I’m glad I ordered. My family seems to prefer breadsticks to pizza anymore. I’m pretty sure the large order was the same size as a 14″ pizza. The dough was covered in cheese and came with ranch and marinara for dipping. It felt like there was a lot there but they were the first to go.

My first pizza was a pepperoni for J and the kids. I should have went with the 12″ here. If they each eat one slice, that feels like a win anymore. I wouldn’t have ordered a second pizza had I not wanted a specialty pizza for myself. The pepperoni pizza is pretty simple and comes with a pretty thick layer of golden brown cheese topped with a little larger than normal, spicy, greasy pepperoni’s. I ate most of this pizza over the remainder of the weekend. Everyone liked the pizza, they just don’t eat a lot of pizza anymore when we order take out.

The pizza I ordered was the Spicy Sicilian. This pizza is topped with salami, capicola, ham, pepperoni, and jalapenos. I like spicy and this pizza is a good mix of spicy and salty. The sweetness of the sauce kind of brings everything back together to give the pizza a little balance. I chose Russo’s because I wanted this pizza and even though I was being selfish (because no one else would eat this pizza), I’d do it again….and probably will do it again.

The cost for the two pizzas and breadsticks was right around $40.

I’ve had Russo’s pizza twice now and I’ve really liked it both times. The pizza on it’s own isn’t anything super unique. It’s a pretty standard carry-out/delivery pizzeria type of pizza but it’s so much better than you’ll get from the big time delivery places. I like that I saw this one in Dorr because it’s much easier to get to than Hopkins or Burnips from US-131.

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