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Rex’s Golden Grill

November 17, 2021

  • 2424 S. Telegraph Road
  • Dearborn, MI 48124
  • (313) 565-7066
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Breakfast. Man…have we missed breakfast.

We try really hard not complain during this pandemic but the one thing I think we all missed was eating breakfast at a restaurant. We found a couple places with outdoor seating over the last year and a half but the kids got really tired of sitting outside in the cold in a hurry.

We spent a weekend in Detroit not long after the kids got their first vaccine shot. We’re still not 100% comfortable doing all the things we did in the before times but there seems to be a weight lifted off our shoulders now. As long as we’re still vigilant and still take precautions, we can start doing some of the things we miss.

We were in town because L was playing in a flag football game at Ford Field Sunday evening. We made a weekend out of it by going to the Detroit Zoo on Saturday then getting a hotel in Dearborn that night. We ate dinner at a brewery for the first time in a long time then got some amazing ice cream before heading to the hotel to swim.

The kids were pretty disappointed when we woke up on Sunday morning and the hotel didn’t have a hot breakfast bar. Next to the pool, that was always their favorite thing about staying in a hotel.

There were some tears when J got back to the room with the kids (I usually sleep through breakfast then get up when they get back) so she asked if there was any place close we could stop and get something. We figured if we got someplace right when they opened, we could avoid the big crowd we’re still not totally comfortable being around.

I did my typical Google search and came up with a few places. I chose Rex’s Golden Grill on Telegraph Road not too far south of US-12. The restaurant had pretty good reviews and they had all of the things we look for in a breakfast menu.

Rex’s Golden Grill is a pretty standard breakfast joint. There’s not much of a decor other than a few TV’s turned to cable news. There’s a mix of booths and tables packed tightly into the the large dining room and, as expected, there was a pretty long wait not long after we got seated. Our hope was to beat that rush. Our plan worked the way it was supposed to.

We all started with soft drinks while we looked over the menu. I got a Coke, J a Diet, L a lemonade, and B a Sprite.

Breakfast is the one meal we usually have no arguments with the kids about eating. No more, “Can I be done?” Followed by “three more bites.” They both devour everything on their plates.

I really wanted to order the Steak & Eggs but I always feel so bad about spending that much money on breakfast. I picked the Eggs Benedict instead. The reason I always order the Benedict is because it’s something I can’t make at home. To be honest, I’ve never tried but it seems like so much work and so many dishes to clean so it’s definitely a restaurant food for me. I’ve missed Benedicts so this one tasted even tastier just because it’s something I haven’t had in a while. I didn’t even care that one of the English muffins was toasted a little toastier than I would have liked. The hash browns that came on the side were also quite delicious. They had a crispy outer layer on both sides but they were soft and fluffy in the middle.

J always has such a hard time picking between Omelets or over the top Waffles. She picked the Omelet this time with bacon and cheese. Omelets are something I can do at home but they’re never as good as a restaurant. The large fluffy omelet had chunks of bacon and a gooey layer of cheese spread throughout. Her meal also came with hash browns.

L is always the easy one at breakfast. A bagel and bacon. That’s all she typically ever wants. She got a plain bagel with cream cheese and four slices of crispy bacon.

B will still eat off the kid’s menu so that always saves us a little money after L orders a la carte. B’s pick was a Mickey Mouse pancake that came with chocolate chips and bacon. They put the chocolate chips in a bowl instead of in to the pancakes so we could decide how much chocolate we wanted him to have. I sprinkled about half on to his pancake and the chips just melted instantly. B’s not a big fork guy so I ripped up the pancakes and put a pool of syrup on to the plate.

I missed breakfast. This really hit the spot.

Our bill was right around $35 before tip. Rex’s Golden Grill is a solid breakfast joint…and did I mention that I miss eating breakfast in a restuarnt?

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