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September 27, 2021

  • 967 Straits Highway
  • Topinabee, MI 497971
  • (231) 238-7544
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I feel like I just took a work trip. Yeah..that’s cause I did. I was just in Upstate New York a few weeks ago and now I was going to spend a week in Mackinaw City. I feel really bad leaving J and the kids for that long but these trips are an aspect of my job I really like. It’s really, really unusual for trips like this to happen back to back. Usually it’s several months between trips.

I headed up to Mackinaw City on Sunday to start work on Monday morning. I got a pretty late start because I decided to sign us all up for the Kids ROAR at the Sherman Lake YMCA Camp. It was a blast…we got super muddy and had a great time.

We got home around 2:00 after stopping at McDonalds in Galesburg for the kids. I played Switch with B for a few minutes, took a shower, gave him a bath, then got my car loaded up to head north around 3:30.

It was always my plan to stop and get a pizza along the way. I had a place scoped out about a half hour from Mackinaw City but was kind of worried about time. I had back ups in Gaylord if I needed it but traffic was pretty light and I made pretty good time heading towards the Mighty Mac.

Breakers is the restaurant I chose to stop at. This road side tavern sits right Mullet Lake on Straits Highway just south of Topinabee in Mullett Township. The business has been there since the 1940’s but it became Breakers in 2005 switching focus to burgers and craft beer.

I actually chose Breakers as my stop due to it’s proximity to Mackinaw City, great reviews, and online ordering. Unfortunately, the online ordering doesn’t seem to be active. I was actually pretty nervous because Google said they didn’t even do carry-out. When I got to Gaylord, I pulled in to a gas station and called. I asked to put in a carry-out order and the host transferred me to the bar. I figured that was a good sign.

I put in my order for a Bleu Ghost pizza and an order of Brew City Cheese Curds. The bartender said it would take about a half hour which turned out to be perfect. The GPS said I was 31 minutes away.

I got to Breakers just before 8:00. The restaurant was still pretty busy even though it was getting pretty close to closing time. The host sent me to the bar where the bartender had my pizza and curds waiting for me. The cost was a little over $31 before tip.

I was about a half hour from my hotel and really hungry by this point. I hadn’t eaten much all day. I ordered the cheese curds because I knew I could eat those in the car.

The cheese curds are Brew City Cheese Curds. If you’re not familiar, you can get these at a lot of restaurants. It’s a higher end food service brand. I knew that going in but I was just in the mood for something to snack on while I was driving. The cheese curds are good and there was a lot of them. It tided me until I got to Mackinaw City. While they use a food service cheese curd, Breakers does brag about their house made ranch. I don’t like ranch though so I didn’t even try it but there was a large container included with the curds.

The Ghost Bleu pizza…this is why I chose Breakers. All pizzas are 12″ “hand stretched dough.” This particular pizza comes topped with bleu cheese dressing instead of their house pizza sauce. On top of the layer of dressing is Ghost pepper jack cheese blended with Grande mozzarella, diced chicken, jalapenos, red onions, crushed croutons, and Buffalo sauce. I left the red onions off. I never get while those are included in a Buffalo chicken pizza.

The pizza was pretty much what I hoped it would be. It was delicious and kinda spicy. I have a pretty high spice tolerance so to me it was perfect. It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea but for some reason, I have been craving spicy….like to the point I want to just drink Frank’s Red Hot. I’m not going to do that but pizzas like this really satisfy that craving for me.

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