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Audie’s Restaurant

September 27, 2021

  • 314 Nicolet Street
  • Mackinaw City, MI 49701
  • (231) 436-5744
  • Website
  • Menu

Day 3 ended in Mackinaw City just like the previous two days. We knew we had an early Day 4 so neither myself or co-worker were interested in going out for dinner. He’s a little smarter than me though. He brought sandwich materials and has been eating in his room before going to bed early. That reminds me too much of a childhood eating Carl Budding lunch meats on family vacations…plus, I like eating out when I travel.

I really wasn’t in the mood to sit down anywhere so I started looking for some place to do take out. There was only one place that did online ordering in Mackinaw City that I could find so that’s where I ordered dinner.

Audie’s Restaurant sits in the shadow of the Mackinac Bridge on Nicolet Street right at the entrance to I-75 northbound. The restaurant actually has a couple of different options. Audie’s is the family joint but there’s also the Chippewa Room which offers a little more upscale dining. I’m more of a burger guy than a steak guy so Audie’s was a good choice.

I picked Audie’s because they have online ordering. I put in an order for the Double Bacon Cheeseburger and about ten minutes after I hit “place order,” I got a notification saying my meal was ready to go.

There are separate entrances for the Family Room and The Chippewa Room. I headed to the Family Room entrance to find a pretty standard family dining restaurant. The host counter was right inside the door. The hostess was cashing out someone when I walked in but asked if I was the carry-out order. I said yes and since I had already paid online, she grabbed the bag and handed it to me while she was waiting on credit card authorization for the guy she was cashing out.

I wanted something quick and easy and what I got was something that was quick, easy, and surprisingly delicious.

The Double Bacon Cheeseburger looks like a simple bacon cheeseburger and it is but it really hit the spot. The sandwich was pretty large and had a literal pile of bacon on top of it. Instead of strips, it almost looked like leftover bacon from that days breakfast, but that was fine. There was a lot of it and I got a mouthful of bacon in every bite. The burger patties were super juicy and slightly salty adding to the saltiness of the bacon. The cheese wasn’t totally melted but that was fine. It clung to the meat and there was a slice on top of each patty.

The sandwich came with fries which I ate on the short drive from the restaurant back to my hotel. There was nothing wrong with them but nothing special either. I was pretty hungry and these fries helped solve that problem

I was just about to throw the box away when I noticed something under the wax paper. There was a pile of what looked to be home made pickles clinging to the side of the box. I wish I had seen these before I ate the burger. I would have put them on. The thinly sliced pickles were fire. They were a little bit spicy and a little bit garlicky. This would have made an already tasty burger even tastier but I was fine eating them solo. I’m just glad I noticed them before I tossed the box.

Audie’s Restaurant hit all the right now. After a couple nights of pretty expensive dinners, Audie’s made me feel better about spending money on meals. The food was delicious and it was reasonably priced. Audie’s is a standard family restaurant and that’s really what I was look for….cheap, delicious food. And I got it.

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