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South Side Grubz

September 11, 2021

  • 2245 W. Columbia Avenue, Suite 107
  • Battle Creek, MI 49015
  • (269) 719-2863
  • Website
  • Menu

Another Battle Creek post. Another opportunity for me to talk about The Carryout Club on Facebook. Yet again, this blog post would never have happened if I hadn’t seen several posts on The Carryout Club talking this place up.

I worked a double shift in Battle Creek a couple of weeks ago. Part of the day was spent working with a colleague, but the evening part of the shift I was solo.

I parted ways with colleague right around 6:00. I had about an hour until my next assignment so I decided to grab some dinner. Thanks to, I was reminded of a place I had seen on the Facebook group many times.

South Side Grubz is, wait for it….on the south side of Battle Creek. The small shop is in a corner strip mall at the intersection of Columbia Avenue and Helmer Road. The space has been a restaurant for quite a while with most recenty being Lil Chef Cafe.

South Side Grubz has a pretty large menu. It starts in the morning with a traditional breakfast and goes through dinner with burgers, chicken, fish, and BBQ., which was created to help Battle Creek restaurants through the pandemic, makes ordering carry-out really easy. I didn’t have a lot of time and since I was by myself, I put my order in while I was still in downtown Battle Creek.

I walked in to a pretty empty restaurant right around 6:15 on Friday night. There’s a large lunch counter off to one side where a woman was bagging up my order as I was walking in. The other side of the restaurant is the dining room. Things are pretty spaced out right now due to COVID, but they have quite a bit of space inside this classicly designed checkerboard tile and wood paneling lined dining room.

I ordered the #11 Fire Alarm Burger. This sandwich is a Sriracha infused burger topped with fried onions and jalapenos with a hot pepper cheese. I added bacon because every good burger needs bacon. I had asked for the onions to be left off but they showed up on the burger. Not a big deal to pick off. The burger was delicious. It had a little bit of heat to it but not a fire coming out of your eyes type heat. The jalapenos and cheese added to that spiciness but again, gave it more of a peppery taste than a tongue scorching heat. The burger itself was pretty simple and served on a white bread bun. The burger was delicious on it’s own which leads to a really tasty burger when the toppings get added.

I clicked on the box to upgrade for fries for $3.75 and that was kind of disappointing. There was nothing wrong with the fries but they’re just frozen crinkle cuts. The almost $4.00 upcharge seems steep for this type of fry.

The cost for my meal was about $14 before tip.

I like South Side Grubz. It’s easy to phone in food like this. While they kind of did that with the fries, they didn’t with the sandwich and that’s where it really counts. Make good food and people will keep coming back. South Side Grubz combines good food at a good price with quick service. It’s a winner all the way around.

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