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Hill Top Soda Shoppe

August 30, 2021

  • 7117 South Street
  • Benzonia, MI 49616
  • (231) 882-9697
  • Website
  • Menu

The only way to end the night after a long day of hiking and swimming in Lake Michigan is with ice cream.

Turns out, I’m not the only one who has a friend that spends a lot of time in Northern Michigan. One of J’s friends suggested an ice cream shop that wasn’t too far from our cabin.

We left Petersen Road Beach a little after 8:00. There was a storm off in the distance so we weren’t convinced we were going to get a fantastic sunset.

It was about a half hour back to Benzonia where the Hill Top Soda Shoppe is. The small ice creamery is…on a hill top. It’s on South Street just east of Michigan Avenue (US-31) on the south side of Benzonia. The shop shares a small strip mall with a couple other businesses but at 8:30 on a Saturday night, only the ice cream shop was open.

There was a little bit of line when we walked in which gave us a little bit of time to look over the menu.

Hill Top Soda Shoppe makes all of their own ice cream with dairy from a farm in New Era. As usual, the kids had a hard time picking what they wanted.

B doesn’t stray much. He got Blue Moon. He was really close to doing a mint chip but when it came time to order, it was Blue Moon. We got him a cup because he still makes a mess when eating dipped ice cream….or any ice cream really

L went really simple. She got a waffle cone with sweet cream. The Sweet Cream is pretty much just a vanilla but the ice cream from Hill Top is seriously rich. L is a pretty big fan of the waffle cone and really liked this one.

J and I both did something different. We got floats. I had asked for sweet cream and Root Beer, but they were out of root beer so I went with Cola instead. I don’t remember exactly what J’s combination was but it was much fruity and more adventerous than mine. I used to love making Root Beer/Pepsi floats when I was a kid. Everything here is home made and you can tell…’s all so good.

Our bill for the treats was just over $20.

Recommendations from friends are always the best. I’m pretty good at finding things on my own but our friends really nailed it this weekend. Hill Top Soda Shoppe was a little out of the way but worth the trip.

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