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Schultz’s Treat Street

August 20, 2021

  • 3023 Oakland Drive
  • Kalamazoo, MI 49008
  • (269) 743-7137
  • Website
  • Menu

You know what Kalamazoo doesn’t really have? Neighborhood ice cream shops. For a metro area the size of Kalamazoo/Portage, the number of locally owned ice cream places is really low.

We live on the west side of town and the options really aren’t that great. When we want ice cream, we typically go to Culver’s or *shudders* McDonalds because it’s easy. We always try to hit up local joints when we’re outside of Kalamazoo but sitting at home on the couch and thinking, “I want ice cream” always brings up a long conversation that ends at a drive thru on 9th Street.

We were having that same conversation recently on a really hot Saturday night. We were *this* close to loading the kids up in the car and going to McDonalds but J came up with a better idea. We wanted a local ice cream shop and it has been years since we’ve been to Treat Street.

Treat Street is no long just Treat Street. It’s part of Mrs. Schultz’s Sweets and now known as Schultz’s Treat Street. It was about a year ago Schultz Sweet, Inc acquired the long time ice cream joint in the Oakwood Plaza on the corner of Oakland and Whites in Kalamazoo’s Oakland/Winchell Neighborhood.

Schultz’s Treat Street is so much more than ice cream. Right when you walk in, you have no choice but to drool over the cupcakes, home made peanut butter cups and fudge right next to the door.

Also, there’s food. It’s a simple menu with hot dogs on the menu every day and if you check their Facebook page, they’re experimenting with BBQ from Big Moe’s

All of that is great, but we were about the ice cream.

There’s a large ice cream case right inside the door in front of you when you walk in. They serve ice cream from MOO-Ville Creamery in Barry County which my kids love. The hardest part is always narrowing down which flavor you have to have today.

B surprise no one. He got a scoop of Super Cow and a scoop of Cotton Candy. I swear, B is the messiest ice cream eater. Once he was handed his cup, he and I headed outside to a table and yes, it was hot, but there was more ice cream on the table than I think he actually got in his mouth. Once he was done making a sticky mess of himself, I finished off the Super Cow since that was on the bottom and he didn’t get to it before losing interest.

L wanted a Lemon Sorbet and asked for it in a waffle cone but they don’t do sorbet’s in cones. The ice cream dipper offered to give it her in a dish and give her a cone on top but she declined and went for Cookie Dough in a Waffle Cone instead. She thinks she funny by taunting me when she gets cookie dough ice cream because it’s my favorite. I didn’t actually order anything because I always end up eating the leftovers. Unfortunately, L did not have any leftovers.

J ordered a dish for herself but I never remember what she gets so I didn’t even try. I told her to just start eating before it melts and not worry about a picture.

We took our ice cream outside where there They some of those plastic coated metal tables. Had COVID not scared us off, we would have eaten inside….cause it was hot and everyone’s ice cream melted fast. There is a pretty large indoor dining area that they can’t really make good use of yet but if things ever get back to normal, they have room for a few more tables so melting, dripping, sticky ice cream isn’t as big of an issue with the little ones.

Our bill for three ice cream treats was right around $17 with tip

I wish Kalamazoo had more ice cream shops…the kind of walk up, seasonal places you see in little towns all over the country. It doesn’t but at least there are places like Schutz’s Treat Street to fill that void and fill it in an exceptionally delicious way.

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