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Snow Dragon Shavery (Navy Pier)

July 15, 2021

  • 700 E. Grand Avenue
  • Chicago, IL 60611
  • (312) 291-9046
  • Website
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This weekend trip to Chicago we planned on playing tourist. It’s funny how when you grow up somewhere, you don’t always do all the touristy things. It was just a few years ago that I took my first trip to the Willis Tower (aka Sears Tower) despite having grown up just an hour from the City.

We know there are more things and better things to do in Chicago than Navy Pier but neither of us had actually been to Navy Pier in close to 20 years. I thought the kids would enjoy the Centennial Wheel (they did) so I forked over the $80 for us to get three spins around.

Our tickets for the wheel weren’t timed. We could go at any point in the day. We actually had to drive to my parents house near Kankakee to pick the kids up then when we got back to the city, I just went back to the hotel to park since I had already paid for the day.

The walk from the Marriott on the Mag Mile is about a mile. No problem. We do miles all the time on our hikes.

We got to Navy Pier around 2:00. We were after lunch so I was hoping we could find someplace to eat. We checked with Harry Caray’s and Margaritaville (Hey! It’s a tourist trap. Don’t judge me) but they had hour and a half to two hour waits. J put our name in anyway but she was hungry….no, not hungry, hangry. We needed to find something else.

There’s a small food court near the front of the Pier and that’s where we were. J noticed a dessert type shop that didn’t have a super long line so she got in line to get some treats.

Snow Dragon Shavery is a shop on the north side of the City but they also have this food court type shop in Navy Pier. The Shavery specializes in “snow cream” desserts. It’s kind of a mix between ice cream and shaved ice.

I actually got whisked away at this point because sweets weren’t going to be enough to cure J’s hangriness. There’s a hot dog/burger stand right next to this (blog coming soon) that I got in line for to get us something to go along with what J ordered here.

When I caught back up to everyone, J had gotten what she was looking for. Both she and L had a Mango Bubble Tea. L had never had Boba before and didn’t care for the “little balls” but she really liked the mango tea. J hadn’t had Boba in quite a while so it was a treat to be able to grab one for lunch.

B got a Strawberry-Banana Smoothie and a blue Gatorade. He wasn’t really in to the whole lunch thing. He said rides and really just wanted to run around and parkour off things. We did get him to sit down and eat lunch eventually and this smoothie was a nice compliment

We didn’t really get any of the shaved cream like I was hoping. J was still trying to keep it light in case the Centennial Wheel didn’t agree with the kids. We had just watched an episode of Crime Scene Kitchen where they made macaron towers and J was craving macarons. Snow Dragon Shavery has macarons so she got four of them. One for each of us. I wasn’t there when they were ordered nor do I have the receipt so I unfortunately don’t know what four flavors we ordered. I believe J said the one she gave me was cookie dough.

I wish I had more to write about on this blog post. The idea of snow cream sounded really intriguing to me but Navy Pier was super busy the afternoon we were there and there was just a lot of stress finding something to eat and making sure B didn’t parkour his way in to someone or in to the Chicago Harbor.

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