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On The Roll

July 14, 2021

  • Food Truck
  • Battle Creek, MI 49014
  • (517) 490-9987
  • Website
  • Menu

I am just all about the food trucks lately. It’s hard not to get excited about food trucks on Friday in Kalamazoo. Lunchtime Live is still my favorite part of the week.

I’m not in the office every Friday during lunch time so when I am, I make it a point to at least walk over to Bronson Park just to see who is there and if there is anything I just have to have.

On The Roll is a food truck out of Battle Creek that J and I have been looking for at events for a couple months now. The 100% veteran owned and operated truck specializes in garlic bread rolls filled with specialty pasta…..and barbecue. I was there for the BBQ.

The pasta bowl was really tempting but there was just so much on the chalkboard on the sidewalk that I wanted to try. I know I should have went after the specialty..but BBQ…

I picked the rib tips that came with mac & cheese on the side. The cost was $16 with a coke. I paid for my meal then stepped off to the side thinking it would be a few minutes but it was literally two minutes before the lady who took my order was sticking out the window trying to get my attention with a to-go box overflowing with food.

I started with the mac because there was a lot of it. The large portion of macaroni pasta is coated in what they call a “super cheesy” cheese sauce. There are some spices mixed in as well. The pepper really jumped out at me. I love pepper on mac and cheese. It gives it just a bit of spiciness.

The rib tips filled my entire office with the smell of delicious smoked meat. The tips were pretty large but very tender and juicy. There was a delicious, peppery bark on the outside and a couple of cups of a thick, sweet BBQ sauce on the side. I ate the first couple without sauce and they were delicious on their own but I decided to try the sauce as well since tips are usually soaked in them. These came dry which isn’t the preperation I’m used to but they were tasty that way and just as tasty with the sauce smeared on top.

I will never get tired of food truck BBQ and there are a of them out there. On the Roll stands out because of their unique items on the menu but the BBQ is legit too.

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